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I’m in New York, parked in Adobe’s NYC office (it’s nice having so many more regional offices to take advantage of).
Last night’s presentation in Philly went really well. Over 60 attendees (largest crowd thus far this tour), in a really nice auditorium in The Wharton Business School. The Wharton guys first showed off some of the apps they have built, powered by ColdFusion and some using Flash and Flex front ends. These are impressive apps, from student portals (even accessible via SMS using a CF event gateway) to virtual simulation teaching tools to server monitoring tools and much more. Every time I have seen The Wharton guys present their apps I have been impressed, and this time was no exception.
My presentation and session went smoothly, no last minute reinstalls or anything. I also used a free half hour or so before the preso to tweak the Session Tracking example I had been using so that it uses nested grids instead of two related grids. I did have one bug with row sizing that I could not figure out in time for the preso, but with some help from the Flex team I got it working in the wee hours when I arrived in NYC last night. There’s nothing like changing demos at the last minute, keeps it more exciting.
Anyway, if you are in the NYC area, please drop by the NYCFUG tonight. The more the merrier!

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  1. ayhan Avatar

    I am impressed what Ben is capable not Flex:). He is writing codes on the fly. Just I had difficulties with his accent and speedy talk:) I am not that American yet to understand him 100% i think. Thanks for nice introduction Ben.

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