ColdFusion And 64-bit SQL Server 2005

It just works, that’s about all there is to say. This week I configured an internal server running Windows 2003 64-bit (on an AMD 64-bit box) and SQL Server 2005 64-bit, and ColdFusion MX 7 (I previously mentioned the IIS 6 tweak needed to make this work ). And it all just works using the default ColdFusion SQL Server driver.

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  1. tof Avatar

    So is SQl2005 any good ?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Yep, very good. I posted some comments (on the tooling) a while back, see

  3. Steve Powell Avatar
    Steve Powell

    Any ideas if the SQL Driver is going to support the new auto failover options available to clients in SQL Server 2005 when the DB is configured in a mirror arrangement?

  4. Justin Carter Avatar
    Justin Carter

    In the coming weeks I’ll be migrating some databases to two new SQL 2005 servers with the intentions of using database mirroring, so I’d also be interested to know if ColdFusion and the native SQL driver will allow support for mirroring without having to resort to using network load balancing or some different code in regards to making the connection…

  5. Richard C Avatar
    Richard C

    were looking at depoloying a 64 bit windows 2003 + 64 bit SQL server 2005 database / file server behind our shared hosting platform,
    32bit cf7.0.1 servers connecting to a 64bit file server /sql server
    can you see any problems with this? IIS would be connecting to a 64bit file server- I am guessing as its all network traffic files shouldnt be an issue, but is coldfusion ok talkin to the SQL server ?
    I cant see a problem with this, but if you can confirm that should be ok

  6. Kathy Avatar

    Pretty much the same thing as the previous poster – we’re looking to configure our (currently) ColdFusion MX 6.1 server with the new SQL Server 2005 1.1 driver to a x64 bit SQL Server, I think x64 bit SQL Server 2000. Any word whether this kind of crossover can work – x86 on one side of the driver and x64 on the other?

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