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  1. The BACFUG people usually do simulcast it in Breeze. Can’t remember whether or not they usually record it. I’m very glad you posted this reminder, Ben. I needed it. As long as I can hold it in my brain for the next hour-and-a-half, I’ll be there.

  2. Unfortunately I was too sick to stay around for BACFUG tonight – I hope it went well and you had a good crowd? As I was leaving the office I thought I saw you getting into a cab in front of 601 Townsend…

  3. It was good. I’ve seen a Flex preso before, and I can’t remember what’s changed in the intervening months. That was probably for the Alpha. Anyway, I was wowed, as was much of the audience. The feature where it’ll create AS methods and properties based on CFCs and visa-versa was amazing, as were the other wizards (shown and/or described) for code creation. The speed, the amount of code it takes to create an application… so much about this product is amazing, really. The new hooks into CF are an obvious and smart move. The price point is very attractive, as well. I’ll definitely be buying a copy when it comes out. Sean, I don’t know if that comment was directed at me or not, but I walked home to North Beach from there. Always good exercise. Did take a cab _over_ there, though… Get well soon. We should meet at Mars Bar sometime.

  4. excellent meeting, although I think I accidentally left my camera behind! doh! I hope I can retrieve it somehow!
    other than that, It was an excellent meeting and it was great to finally meet the man behind the blog.
    It must be pretty awesome to have touched so many people’s lives/careers the way you have Ben.

  5. Glad you all enjoyed it!
    Sean, you prob saw me leaving to grab a bite before the preso. Sorry you couldn’t join us, feel better.

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