Last night’s presentation in Seattle went very well. There were about 45 attendees, including a contingent who drove up from Portland (and a really cute six month old named Indigo, the youngest attendee at any CFUG that I can recall).
I just arrived in Sacramento, and have parked myself in a Starbucks (coffee and WiFi, what more could you ask for?). If you are in the area, be sure to drop by for tonight’s presentation on Flex 2 and ColdFusion Flex integration.

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  1. me and a friend will be attending, can’t wait! Will there be a Q and A sort of thing afterwards? i’ve never attended my local cfug before.

  2. Derek,
    Sacramento was last night (Tuesday), tonight is the San Francisco meeting. And yes, always lots of Q&A, always.
    — Ben

  3. oh ok, i thought u meant you landed in the SAC airport yesterday. Thats ok, Planned to see you in SF anyhow 🙂

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