Cool ColdFusion Coffee Mug

8 responses to “Cool ColdFusion Coffee Mug”

  1. jj Avatar

    w00t! What is up with those chicks on the top banner? Always makes me laugh.

  2. Tom Cornilliac Avatar
    Tom Cornilliac

    Mine should be on it’s way 🙂

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    JJ, be nice, her boyfriend is a CF community regular. 😉

  4. todd Avatar

    come on will, where’s the infant sizes???

  5. Joe Rinehart Avatar
    Joe Rinehart

    Shouldn’t it be <coldfusion />? I wouldn’t want to have an invalid mug: my coffee maker might reject it on compilation.

  6. Mike Dilley Avatar
    Mike Dilley

    I saw some stuff on Cafepress too:
    there is also a ‘AJAX coders do it asynchronously’ tee shirt

  7. dave Avatar

    lol, yup i rock haha – hey you can see more of the cfm shirt set at

  8. Larry C. Lyons Avatar
    Larry C. Lyons

    Steve Nelson of Secret a few years ago put out a great CF oriented coffee mug:
    <cf_coffee> on one side, and on the other
    I picked it up at the first CFUN conference. I still use it regularly, along with the CF_Beer pint glasses.

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