Andrea Veggiani, creator of CFXML_Blog, has started again and built a brand new ColdFusion based blogging app. What follows is his own description:
The official site is: and the main features are:

  • Both XML files or DB can be used for storage
  • XML-RPC support for compatibility with client desktop like Qumana or Blogjet (support for blogger, metaweblog and movable type API)
  • Google Talk integration (it’s possible to read the blog and to edit posts and an alert is sent upon new comment receiving)
  • Captcha images for spam prevenction
  • Trackbacks support
  • Autoping support
  • Fully skinnable
  • FCkeditor, TinyMCE supported (the user can choose what to use)
  • CFMX 7.0 administration via Flash Forms
  • Posts can be made via email
  • Plugins included for Photoblog, Mini CMS and File Repository

The licence is GPL and the code now has no more italian words 🙂 (in cfxml_blog i remember many complaints about that).

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  1. <joke>Dammit, that was the code I was going to write! He stole the code out of my brain! But I’ll sell you the same code, encrypted, for $50. </joke> Looks awesome!

  2. What is the web site? I tried and get cannot display page error. Did it change?
    Many thanks

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