User Group Presentations In February And March

It looks like I am going to get the opportunity to present to user groups all over the U.S. in February and March. The subject will be Flex 2, with an in depth look at what this means for us ColdFusion developers, and will include coverage of Flex Builder 2 as well as new ColdFusion Flex integration technologies.
Currently planned locations are:

  • AZ: Phoenix
  • CA: Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco
  • CO: Denver
  • DC: Washington
  • GA: Atlanta
  • IL: Chicago
  • MO: Kansas City
  • NY: New York
  • PA: Philadelphia
  • WA: Seattle

Dates are posted on my homepage.
Venues in Europe are still being finalized. I’ll post more details when I have them.

13 responses to “User Group Presentations In February And March”

  1. mj Avatar

    Ben, WTH? Where’s Boston or Raleigh? All kidding aside, should I go out and buy the Flex book on Amazon or should I wait? I want to learn about Flex 2, but the sources are somewhat limited.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    We’ll try to add more locations, and if we do I’ll post it.
    As for books, there are no Flex 2 boks out yet (Flex 2 itself is not even in beta yet), but some are on the way.
    — Ben

  3. simeon Avatar

    Dont Worry Ben. Portlands not on that list, but we are gonna come to seattle to see you. You are worth the drive 🙂

  4. jhey Avatar

    or maybe a Breezo from Dallas?

  5. Patrick Whittingham Avatar
    Patrick Whittingham

    Ben –
    Anything in Florida and what about a Breeze presentation for some/all of your user group meeting. Either live or next day would be great.

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Nothing planned for Florida right now.
    Texas locations and Raleigh will be aded, I just don’t have dates yet.
    And yes, there will be Breeze presentations for groups that I won’t et to visit in person.
    — Ben

  7. João Fernandes Avatar
    João Fernandes

    Ben, anything in europe in a near future?

  8. Garrett Wiedmeier Avatar
    Garrett Wiedmeier

    We’re thrilled to have you up in our neck of the woods again. As one of our members put it in an email to me "Sweet, we get him at the start of the tour — FRESH FORTA!!" 🙂

  9. Jeff Houser Avatar
    Jeff Houser

    Connecticut request over here…

  10. Rick Smith Avatar
    Rick Smith

    I’m gonna have to drive to Chicago this time to see you. A long drive, but it’s always worth it. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  11. Matt Stevens Avatar
    Matt Stevens

    I second the motion for Boston – why not do it at the Adobe office in Newton, MA?

  12. Charles Avatar

    Was hoping you might be able to add San Antonio to your list of stops. We have the Government ColdFusion developers at Lackland, where you made a special stop last year, as well as the Alamo Area Macromedia Users Group.
    Thanks in advance,

  13. Brannon Hightower Avatar
    Brannon Hightower

    We would Love to have you back in Austin Texas @ the AustinCFUG. We have a lot of interested people in the FLEX and ColdFusion Integration

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