Flex Builder 2 Presentation At Detroit CFUG

I presented an introduction to Flex Builder 2 this evening to my local CFUG, the Detroit Area ColdFusion User Group. Some of the attendees had seen Flex previously, but none had actually used it themselves. This made showing it off both fun and easy.
And to make things more interesting, I used a very recent build of Flex Builder 2 (so recent that I had to rework some of my demos minutes before we started). No, it did not crash, but I did have to close and reopen my project a few times. But hey, the new features make it so worthwhile! 😉
All in all, a very good meeting. And a 5 minute commute home from a CFUG is a pleasant rarity!

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  1. Jamie Samland Avatar
    Jamie Samland

    After seeing this last night, I’m really excited to start using it. I’ve done a few projects in the last year that I kept thinking would be perfect applications of Flex, but the clients couldn’t afford it. But this will open it up to just about anyone.
    The ctrl+click on an object to go to where it’s defined is wonderful.

  2. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    Heard you did a good show on Flex. Is it possible to get the bleading edge release of the beta via SVN? I see an SVN link on the site and would like to know about that. (Honestly… from what I hear… the thing is so cool that it would great if the product was closer to shipping. Any news on when it will go beta?)

  3. Gareth Edwards Avatar
    Gareth Edwards

    Can we have some screenshots of these "new features" ?

  4. Scot Avatar

    Yes it was a great demo. We really appreciated Ben coming and talking to us. Thanks allot!

  5. Dave Miller Avatar
    Dave Miller

    The presentation you gave was really enlightening and entertaining. I am real excited about what I’ve seen and ready to jump on board!

  6. ross Avatar

    Demo? I’m still trying to get Flex Mail working…I’m not sure if I should buy the Flex 1.5 book or wait for Flex 2 to come out.

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