CF Docs Bots Back Online

The CF Docs Bots were offline the past few days. Apparently, my serial number for JBuddy-CF expired at the end of 2005. I’ve updated the serial number, and the bots are all back online. Sorry about that.
The addresses are unchanged:

  • AIM: cflivedocs
  • Google Talk:
  • Yahoo IM: cflivedocs

2 responses to “CF Docs Bots Back Online”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    Anybody know what versions of AOL IM this works with? I have 5.9 and the syntax doesnt display correctly. Output is below and any ideas are appreciated!
    cfif: Creates simple and compound conditional statements in CFML. Tests an expression, variable, function return value, or string. Used, optionally, with the cfelse and cfelseif tags.
    HTML and CFML tags
    HTML and CFML tags
    HTML and CFML tags

  2. Alex Avatar

    Very interesting blog!

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