Questions About My New MySQL Book

Here are some questions that I received about my new MySQL Crash Course. I am posting the answers here in case anyone else has the same questions:
Does the book cover MySQL 5?
The book was written for MySQL 4.x and MySQL 5, and most of the content applies to both. However, there are chapters that are MySQL 5 specific (those that cover features new to MySQL 5, like stored procedures and triggers and views). Throughout the book, differences between MySQL 4.x and MySQL 5 are pointed out where appropriate.
I have your Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes, is there any value in buying this new book too?
Sure, buy lots of copies! 🙂 Ok, seriously … this book is based on the TY10 SQL book, and much of the introductory content is the same (although the exact examples are different). If you learned SQL from that book then you will find much of the content in this new one to be familiar, in which case not all of this new title will be of value to you. However, there is lots of new content throughout, and several entirely new lessons, and that may indeed be of value. So, it’s up to you. Obviously, this book will be more compelling to those who don’t have the TY10 SQL book, but I hope that all who are interested in learning MySQL will find this new book to be of value. Oh, and we kept the cover price really low, so that should make the decision easier.
What about a Crash Course on …?
This new book was created because my existing Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes cannot cover all DBMSs in as much detail as some require. Each title in the new Crash Course series concentrates on a single DBMS, thereby allowing coverage of more advanced content as well as DBMS specific material. And yes, it is a series. The MySQL title is the first to be released, and the next two titles (due out early 2006) will be on Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL and Oracle P/SQL. They may be additional tiles after those two are released, but none I can’t publicly commit to yet.
Is there an electronic version of this title available?
Yes, an electronic edition has been released by Safari

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  1. Craig Avatar

    Following up on the electronic book version question here and an earlier question I emailed you Ben, is there any update on an electronic version of WACK?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Craig, actually, yes, Safari has released the CMFX7 books now.
    — Ben

  3. jimjay Avatar

    Does your book cover multiple inner/left/right join examples in one select statement?

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