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  1. Had a look and it’s a simpler framework.
    However I do have a problem with this concept of ‘simpler’ frameworks. One of it’s reasons for existing is that FB4 is too complex.
    FB4 is what it is because it scales extremely well, allows teams to work well together and in general allows you to hand over your work to support with some hope of them following it.
    I like the complete metashift that is Mach-II and Model-Glue (prefer MG as it is more modular).
    Not sure exactly where I am going with this. It really just feels like somebody wanted to make dealing with the Model simpler when developing RIA’s.
    I do however feel that you could have achieved the same with FB4 and not parred down the framework to a simple set of fundamentals that don’t work as well, particularly when developing complex business process driven internet applications.
    There is nothing wrong with the Framework, but it is just another framework that won’t go very far. People like FB4/Mach-II/MG because they are good ‘general’ frameworks most people understand and a lot of companies want people with those experiences.
    I’ll stop rambling now

  2. Ben,
    In your opinion, what would be the best CF frameworks?
    Fusebox/ColdSpring/ModelGlue/Mach II/onTap/Tartan/theHUB…?

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