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I am posting this with my LAN connection unplugged and WiFi disabled. And no, I am not using a dial-up connection. This is 3G at work.
Cingular has just rolled out 3G coverage in parts of the country, and so of course I replaced by GPRS card with a new HSDPA/UMTS EDGE/GPRS card (a Sierra Wireless AirCard 860). In other words, I can be online via GPRS just about anywhere on the planet, and via 3G connection in the U.S. where available. The card also supports WiFi, but I disabled that.
Initial speed tests show 600K download speed and 60K upload, quite a bit faster than GPRS. I’ll be on the road quite a bit now and plan to give this baby quite the workout.
Oh, and Cingular is offering a $60/month unlimited data plan now.

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  1. Steve Ray Avatar
    Steve Ray

    Ben, is this for a Treo 650, or something else? I can’t remember what you have. Thanks.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Nope, the Treo is a GSM/GPRS device, it does not support UMTS. I’ve actually not used phones for DUN for a while (because you can’t be on the phone on online at the same time). So I also carry a PC card (or PCMCIA card), it has a SIM card in it, and technically functions like a phone, accept it is a data device. My old one was a Sony Ericsson GC card, a very reliable card, which connected to GPRS to provide an IP connection. The new card is much the same, accept it is wuad-band GSM/GPRS and also supports 3G. So, yes, I techncially have two phones, one is a phone and one is a data device, and they share plans and bills.

  3. Steven Erat Avatar
    Steven Erat

    For almost two years I’ve been using SnapDialer software that enables me to connect my Sprint Samsung cell phone to my laptop via USB and connect as needed from anywhere. I recently changed to Verizon with a newer Samsung, and purchased the updated SnapDialer software and USB connector. This way I don’t have to purchase the expensive Data plan with my basic coverage.
    For more see:

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    1) You’re getting GPRS speeds, not 3G. Right?
    2) Can you talk on the phone and be online at the same time?

  5. Steven Erat Avatar
    Steven Erat

    Good question… I assumed I was on 3G. From both phones I dial #777 to get on the data network. The connection speed on Sprint was about 250kbs, which is faster than dial-up but slower than DSL.
    I don’t think I can talk at the same time. Both Verizon and Sprint allow me be on one or the other.
    For me its a good option because I don’t use it very much, but since I’m on call after hours and weekends I can feel free to travel with my laptop and phone and be able to respond to an incident on the road.

  6. adriaticnyc Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    I subscribe to the Cingular 3G plan, too, but I don’t use the Cingular communications software. Iinstead I have a Sierra 860 Unlocked card and that allow me to use either my Cingular SIM card if I am near a 3G area. Otherwise I use my TMobile GPRS EDGE subscription which is a $19.99 extra unlimitted Internet plan per month – I prefer the TMobile GPRS EDGE instead of the Cingular EDGE. Cingular 3G is wonderful when it works because of its data transfer speed.
    In Manhattan, parts of Queens (near LGA, Long Island City and JFK Airport) and in Stamford CT I get the 3G reception. And on my visit to see my husband who’s on project in Seattle, the 3G coverage is excellent here in the city and neighborhoods north of Seattle’s downtown area.
    check this link for the 3G availability – it’s a map describing Cingular 3G availability
    and this link
    I am happy with the 3G alternative to not having my Tmobile hot spot and Tmobile has not announced any plans to offer 3G for laptop connection or PocketPC connection.
    There have been a lot of drops in Seattle WA this weekend, like my session was subject to time outs.
    I am using the native Sierra 3G connection client software not the Cingular Connection Manager software – mainly because I purchased an unlocked Sierra 860 pc card and wanted to keep my laptop sessions as "carrier independent" as possible.
    But I am glad to have 3G! That’s for sure!
    Mary in NYC
    but sending this post from Seattle WA 99181

  7. Andrea Avatar

    I’m having some issues with getting some users the ability to connect via our VPN once connected with the Sierra 875 card but not all users.

  8. freddiebs Avatar

    I’m also having an issue with getting our users connected to the VPN client using the Sierra 875.

  9. Andrea Avatar

    I ended up going to the settings, options and acceleration tab and uninstall the accel and just close the Communications software for Cingular and then reopen (no need to actually reboot machine) and I think that may have helped.

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