Yes, I now work for Adobe. Although, what I am doing is no different to what I was doing while working for Macromedia. I am talking to customers and developers, answering questions, working on some new articles and content, tinkering with ColdFusion/Flex integration … for now, as far as ColdFusion specifically is concerned, this is little more than a change in name.
It is worth noting that ColdFusion is now part of the Adobe “Enterprise and Developer Solutions Business Unit” which is also responsible for Flex (as well as the Adobe LiveCycle products). And it is also worth noting that the team responsible for ColdFusion has not changed either, nor has our planning for “Scorpio” (although, I must confess, the new integration possibilities are positively mouth-watering).

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  1. Ben,
    What products from Adobe are you looking to integrating with? Are there any Adobe products that you think will influence the make-up or direction of Coldfusion or Flex?

  2. Ben, it’s good to hear from you on the merger day. I’m also excited about the merger (already looked at the bundle to upgrade both my Adobe CS and my Studio MX product up to a new version – 1 version back on CS, 2 on Studio). But yeah, being up in Canada, I’ve very excited about the customer synergy that I’m oh so hoping for with better awareness andimplementation of Cold Fusion. You must be a master of living through all the problems and upsides of being in an acquired company by now.

  3. Integrating ColdFusion with Adobe Image Server (or whatever it’s called now) would be amazingly good. Being able to get ColdFusion output into an image and served to the user is something I’ve wanted to do for years. Make them do that, Ben. πŸ™‚

  4. Kevin, I noticed that too, and that page will be fixed shortly. ColdFusion and Flex are both patr of the Enterprise and Developer Solutions Business Unit.
    Rob, yep, that would be mega-cool.
    Craig, we’re just brainstorming at this point. But for me, anything involving PDF generation, working with PDF forms, workflow, document management, image manipulation, all of those are areas I want to drill down into.
    Stephen, yep, it is deja vu al over again. πŸ™‚

  5. Ben, any chance you could track down some good adobe bloggers (corporate and not) and post links to them in a posting. i’m sure many of us blog readers would like to see some of the thoughts from the adobe side of the house….

  6. Infused, actually, I have not bumped into any yet. But we’ll help them see the light. πŸ™‚
    As far as "thoughts from the adobe side of the house", I am expecting a ColdFusion related interview Q&A to go online in the next couple of days, and I will post a link to it when it goes live.

  7. While on the topic of integration, a cfconvert tag that takes in a Word, Excel, OpenOffice doc and could convert it to pdf or flashpaper would be awesome.

  8. Kevin, nothing definitive yet. But, ColdFusion is now part of the same team responsible for LiveCycle, so …
    Sam, Adobe does indeed have a server that can generate PDFs from Office documents. And that is high on my list of options to look at.

  9. Or … Macrodobemedia with products like … ColdFlexCycle and GoDreamLive, Photoworks CS Studio 9, Premiere PDFlash Pro w/Breeze. Whatever they end up doing, I hope they keep CF alive. With LiveCycle being J2EE, perhaps it will integrate along with CF?

  10. Hi, I realise this probably isn’t your area but I have been unable to access for at least a week from any of my clients studios or indeed from home or office (here in the UK). It just times out no matter what part of the site I try to go to. (Trying to register products and get updates). Even on an 8MB dsl line.
    I’ve spoken to colleagues and they are all experiencing the same.

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