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The following was sent to me by Greg Spencer. I’ve yet to try FusionReactor myself, but the information and screenshots seem very compelling:
FusionReactor is a really powerful add-on for monitoring, debugging and performance tuning your ColdFusion applications and servers throughout the development, testing and production cycle. It lets you look inside ColdFusion and take action when there are problems. Key features include: see running requests, stack trace and kill requests, system metrics and memory graphs, on the fly search and replace content fixing, page compression and the ability to capture requests/responses in XML! It even has an automatic Crash Protection feature that will notify you when something is wrong and act on it if you want. You can check it out under

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  1. Derek Perez Avatar
    Derek Perez

    what do you think about the "installation of java 5 for CF"
    is it safe/stable?

  2. Andreas Tattersall Avatar
    Andreas Tattersall

    We tested the Java5 install on several DEV platforms before using it on our production enterprise server and found no issues (running Jrun on a standard CF EE install), if you do have a problem you have the option to revert back to your previous java runtime after installation, but obviously you will need to restart CF afterwards.
    I suggest you give it a whirl on DEV, if it works Java5 has a lot of benefits over 1.42

  3. Mujeebur Rahmansaher Avatar
    Mujeebur Rahmansaher

    Agree with AJT… I tried it as well , so far no issues !

  4. PaulH Avatar

    would you mind running thru what you tested vs JDK 1.5? webservices? flashforms? flashpaper? etc.

  5. David Stockton Avatar
    David Stockton

    We’ve been working with this for about 2wks now and haven’t had any issues connected with fusion-reactor running in java5 or 1.4.2

  6. Linda Dame Avatar
    Linda Dame

    We’ve had problems with our JRUN instances on our servers. I’m wondering if this product would be helpful for us to troubleshooting why our JRun instances always crash.

  7. Greg Spencer Avatar
    Greg Spencer

    FusionReactor has been written to work on multiple platforms including JRun. We don’t have automatic installers for JRun but we do have a manual install along with instructions available on the website. Please give it a try. If you have any questions, problems or just want to let us know how it went then we’d love to hear from you.

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