Debugging Flex ColdFusion Connectivity Tip

If you are trying to debug Flex ColdFusion connectivity issues, then be sure to keep in mind that if you start ColdFusion at the command prompt you’ll see a detailed dump of the messages, both in and out. To do this (on Windows):

  1. Make sure that ColdFusion is not running.
  2. Open a command prompt window.
  3. Go to c:cfusionmx7bin (or the appropriate folder in your own installation).
  4. Run cfstart.

This one has helped me solve all sorts of problems, from pathing issues to case-sensitivity issues to figuring out exactly what data is being passed as and more.

3 responses to “Debugging Flex ColdFusion Connectivity Tip”

  1. James Lyon Avatar
    James Lyon

    A lot easier than net start blah blah.
    Thanks, Ben.

  2. conny Avatar

    I am using ColdFusion Report Builder, however, when I use query builder, it show me warning message "This server is not supported. Although you will be able to create a query, you will not able to retrieve query fields for your report.
    and query builder open …
    And also another warning when I try to save the query in query builder
    "The Report builder was unable to retrieve column information and cannot add in the query fields to the report automatically
    This is the error returned by server:
    Unsupported db operation: SQLMETADATA :
    after press "OK"
    the query builder close without saving anything..
    What should I set to solve this problem ?

  3. Neil Avatar

    Thanks, Ben. Works great, even in CF8.

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