New Sample ColdFusion/Flex 2 Application – FlexMail

A new sample ColdFusion / Flex 2 application has been posted to the Macromedia Labs site. FlexMail is an e-mail client written in Flex 2. It displays messages in your POP mailbox, allows you to read them (as well as reply, forward, and delete), and compose new messages. The back-end is a ColdFusion CFC using and . This application demonstrates passing data to and from ColdFusion, the use of states, event dispatching and handling, using local shared objects, and more.
Note: To use this demo you will need to be running ColdFusion MX 7.0.1, have the Flex 2 ColdFusion Adapter installed, and be running Flex Builder 2.

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  1. todd Avatar

    Why is the MM Labs site built with PHP???

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Been there, discussed that.
    It is not built in PHP. The team needed to get a Wiki up quickly, and the best and most popular Wiki is one written on PHP. Simple as that.

  3. Webdevotion Avatar

    Hey Ben,
    Thanks for the example app. I’m running into an "error" in the alert box when connecting.
    My coldfusion backend is working (tested it using cfinvoke etc). I’m publishing, using the Flex 2 Builder, into a "bin" folder.
    I’ve added this to the coldfusionsamples.xml:
    …. <source>FlexMail.bin.FlexMail</source>
    Can you provide me any inside into my prob ?
    tnx !

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Are you sure that the path is correct? With bin in it? What is the exact error you are getting?
    Also, if you run ColdFusion from the command line (using cfstart) you’ll see the message sent back and forth, can be an invaluable debugging tool.

  5. Webdevotion Avatar

    tnx for the cfstart tip, I’ll try that out
    After a server restart, everything worked fine.
    I didn’t get an error, just a dialog with the
    message "error", no details were given.

  6. Hans Avatar

    In case anyone else runs into the following error…
    Error: Couldn’t establish a connection to ‘FlexMail’.
    Don’t forget to add the argument –services=C:CFusionMX7wwwrootWEB-INFflexflex-services.xml to Project > Properties > Flex Compiler > Additional compiler arguments in Flex Builder before compiling the application.

  7. ross Avatar

    Well, I’m able to run the application, but all I get is a blank grey screen. I have the –services in the properties compiler box. My FlexMail is sitting in C:/CFusionMX7/wwwroot/FlexMail/FlexMail and my <source> in the coldfusionsamples.xml file is FlexMail.FlexMail
    Should I be following the Final steps in the CFAdapter install, because if I am, they’re confusing.

  8. martin Avatar

    What’s up with the Adobe Labs site? – Looks like the FlexMail app has been yanked…can you confirm?
    Linked from –

  9. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Martin, that app needs to be updated to work with the newer betas, and so they pulled it until I do so.
    — Ben

  10. Erik Avatar

    Where I can find the FlexMail source for Flex 2, on Adobe labs, no source available.
    Many Thanks

  11. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Erik, it has yet to be updated for final Flex 2 bits.
    — Ben

  12. jd Avatar

    Hello Ben
    I was wondering if this application is updated yet,
    Many thanks for all your effort
    New Sample ColdFusion/Flex 2 Application – FlexMail

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