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  1. This is GREAT. Finally a place to point people to who ask "What’s Flex?". Macrodobe needs to pimp out some money for a nice Flex ad banner on that page 🙂

  2. I was wondering if that was Flex or not. Very nice work. It’ll be even better in a couple years once they can safely deploy for 8/8.5.
    Not good news for Ajax. I’m sure it was considered at one point, I’d have liked to been listening in on that, especially in terms of development time.

  3. I agree with Chuck. While it has more functionality and better tools than Google Maps, its not as smooth. It just seem a bit clunky. That seems (IMO) to be the Achilles Heel of Flash. Hope 8/8.5 can help. As of now, I’m still partial to Google Maps.

  4. The bigger picture emerges..
    Ya-Mac-Hoo-roMedia Inc.
    Now the Yahoo toolbar download with Flash Player makes more sense…

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