New Flex Powered Yahoo! Maps

Yahoo! is beta testing a new version of Yahoo! Maps (with new features). This is not AJAX folks, it is powered by Flex.

14 responses to “New Flex Powered Yahoo! Maps”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Great use of Flash! How do you know its Flex?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta
  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta
  4. Simon Horwith Avatar
    Simon Horwith


  5. Jim Avatar

    This is GREAT. Finally a place to point people to who ask "What’s Flex?". Macrodobe needs to pimp out some money for a nice Flex ad banner on that page 🙂

  6. rodrigo Avatar

    is it flex 1.5 or 2 ?

  7. JesterXL Avatar

    1.5, usable in Flash Player 7 and up.

  8. quiksilv Avatar

    Any idea when they will be getting UK data?

  9. PaulC Avatar

    I was wondering if that was Flex or not. Very nice work. It’ll be even better in a couple years once they can safely deploy for 8/8.5.
    Not good news for Ajax. I’m sure it was considered at one point, I’d have liked to been listening in on that, especially in terms of development time.

  10. Chuck Avatar

    Nice, but not quite as smooth or fast as Google maps – can Flex provide the same quality?

  11. Alex Avatar

    I agree with Chuck. While it has more functionality and better tools than Google Maps, its not as smooth. It just seem a bit clunky. That seems (IMO) to be the Achilles Heel of Flash. Hope 8/8.5 can help. As of now, I’m still partial to Google Maps.

  12. Andrew Muller Avatar
    Andrew Muller

    Ben, very fast response, very lumber enabled…

  13. David Avatar

    The bigger picture emerges..
    Ya-Mac-Hoo-roMedia Inc.
    Now the Yahoo toolbar download with Flash Player makes more sense…

  14. Jason Hawryluk Avatar
    Jason Hawryluk

    Yes thats good, but have you all seen this !!!!

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