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  1. Sounds cool but it’s slow to load and I get an error on the google map key. Maybe his site got too popular???

  2. I have also been using Google Maps API as per tutorial listed above. I am having problems with it an IE. It works great on Firefox. But may be hard to widely implement with IE having problems. My maps don’t even load on some computers running IE. All computer tested some that work and some that don’t are running the latest version of XP and IE. Has anyone else had this problem?

  3. What a great way to blend the two API’s. I love the concept. I noticed on the home page that some of the listings on the map don’t match with their locations. See Northern California for example.

  4. Lots of data quality problems. Example:
    New England has only one marker. Clicking on it displays an info-marker for some lake side property in New Hampshire. OK so far. Then selecting the detail link inside that marker sends you off to a property in Michigan.

  5. Hi Adam & Tom, thanks for your comments.
    I am aware of the mismatched link/location issue and I’m working to resolve it. The issue is with incorrect Zip Codes, entered by the seller on eBay. I am incorporating a secondary filter to deal with this issue.

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