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Macromedia Labs is online. This new site is your source for early looks at emerging products and technologies from Macromedia, and you can download the Flex 2 alpha (including Flex Builder 2 and the ColdFusion adapter) right now.

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  1. Jack London Avatar
    Jack London

    … and MM using PHP!

  2. Jack London Avatar
    Jack London

    ColdFusion adapter page try:
    Warning: DOMDocument::loadXML() [function.loadXML]: internal errorExtra content at the end of the document in Entity, line: 2 in /data/www/sites/ on line 1427

  3. Mark Fuqua Avatar
    Mark Fuqua

    Why is MM using PHP? It would have been nice to keep it in the family.

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    The Wiki is written in PHP, because it is the best Wiki software out there (the one used by Wikipedia and others). And thus far no one has ported it to CF, or even written a CF Wiki (that we know of).

  5. Ali Avatar

    Yeah the link to the coldfusion adapter is wrong.
    By a fluke I ended up on the right page and was able to download it.

  6. Dave Ross Avatar
    Dave Ross

    "The Wiki is written in PHP, because it is the best Wiki software out there"
    That’s just a tad subjective, no? I’ll add some more:
    Confluence would have been a better choice. You would have way less people complaining, because Java + CF are complimentary technologies. From the surface, it crushes MediaWiki. So I guess the only reason would be that it’s not free?

  7. Daniel Greenfeld Avatar
    Daniel Greenfeld

    Confluence is indeed nice, but why pay for a wiki when you can just get decent freeware? Sure, most are built in PHP, but Macromedia also supports PHP in Dreamweaver.
    Of course, I always go with Trac ( myself. Free, written in Python, adds in a task tracker, and includes some nice handy ties to Subversion.

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