Miss Me At MAX 🙁

MAX 2005 is right around the corner, and excitement is building for what is shaping up to be an incredible event (and the biggest MAX to date). I, however, am miserable. Ever since the first Allaire Developer’s Conference in Boston in 1999, I have not missed a single DevCon or MAX. Until now. Because of my personal schedule requirements, I will not be joining you in Anaheim this year. Well, not in person. You will see me on the big screen during a highly entertaining Day 2 keynote (I can’t give any hints, but I’ll just say that Tim Buntel will be back in fine form). And the rest of the ColdFusion team will, of course, be there. So, if you are one of the lucky ones heading to beautiful Southern California, have a great time in MAX, and feel free to have a drink for me at the bar! 😉 I’ll see you at our next conference, if not sooner!

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  1. Simon Horwith Avatar
    Simon Horwith

    I’ll definitely be thinking of you, Ben. Sorry you won’t be there. I’ll be sure to give you a call sometime during the conference to say ‘hi’ and give you a status update from the trenches.

  2. John Dowdell Avatar
    John Dowdell

    Bummer, I was thinking this past weekend how good it would be to catch up with you face-to-face. (Well, I guess your *face* will be at MAX, but that’s not the same thing…. 😉
    Will you be at any of the upcoming MAX events in Asia? Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangalore…?

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    JD, yep, bummer indeed. I am confirmed for Hong Kong, and tentatively confirmed for Bangalore. I am not going to be in Singapore or Seoul.

  4. Abdul Qabiz Avatar
    Abdul Qabiz

    I was looking forward to meet you at MAX.
    But I think, I would meet you when you are in Bangalore.

  5. Alexander Tsoukias Avatar
    Alexander Tsoukias

    Hey Ben, I’m a first timer at a MAX and you were my main motivation. I guess seeing you on the screen will make things worth it! Sorry you can’t come. Best, Alex

  6. Jason Nussbaum Avatar
    Jason Nussbaum

    I feel your pain. Well, not pain, exactly…but I have those same scheduling issues. 😉
    Chag Sameach!

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