Just Released: ColdFusion MX 7.0.1

The update to ColdFusion previously known by the code name “Merrimack” is now available for download. Version 7.0.1 of ColdFusion includes:

  • Native Mac OSX installer
  • Support for Oracle AS and Oracle 10g
  • Support for IBM WebSphere Network Deployment
  • Lots of incremental improvements to Flash Forms, including the ability to use ActionScript functions, and additional ActionScript events
  • New RTF output for ColdFusion reports
  • Report Builder enhancements
  • Java CFCProxy support (invoke CFCs from Java)
  • Basic support for IPv6
  • Updated drivers and OEM bits
  • And more!

Go grab your copy from the Macromedia site (which, of course, is now running on ColdFusion MX 7.0.1).

14 responses to “Just Released: ColdFusion MX 7.0.1”

  1. Koen De Paepe Avatar
    Koen De Paepe

    Can you please explain how to temporarily write the SWF to disk and create a custom wrapper
    I’m working with CFMX 7 and Flash Player 8

  2. Mathijs gaalman Avatar
    Mathijs gaalman

    I was hoping to get RTF output from cfcontent… Any change of that happening soon?

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Mathijs, yep, I wanted that, too. There is no new updater planned at this point, so it may have to wait for the next major upgrade. But, you never know.

  4. Ray Buechler Avatar
    Ray Buechler

    Is the CFMX7 Dreamweaver extension needed with Dreamweaver 8 or was that functionality integrated in DW8?

  5. Lawrence Cramer Avatar
    Lawrence Cramer

    This is great news! And about time. It always seemed odd to me that CF, being the most non-coder / web designer friendly dynamic language would be the most technically challenging to set up on the Mac!? Especially considering OSX’s Unix core… CF already fully supported and installed on Unix. Making CF more readily available to and easier for the designer centric Mac community will only serve to accelerate CF’s already impressive position in the market place. And having it work on a Mac server for a full production environment?! So much the better.
    Dare I say it? Could this be a glimpse of Adobe’s influence? If it is, I like the direction!

    Lawrence Cramer

  6. jerryhamby Avatar

    Is the Mac version considered a full production version, not just a developer version???

  7. Lawrence Cramer Avatar
    Lawrence Cramer

    Yes – Dev version AND full production!!!!! Cool no? 🙂

  8. Jim Simpson Avatar
    Jim Simpson

    Very nice updates. In light of all the turmoil that Microsoft is embroiled in with their "reorganizing", I am VERY hopeful that Adobe will seize the opportunity to truly make CF a major contender against .NET.
    I’ve been waffling on whether or not to commit fully to CF or jump ship and turn to .Net. I do NOT want to do that. I think this update indicates progress and a step in the right direction for Macrobe. It gives me faith that CF could very well be a heavy hitter in the foreseeable future.
    MS has got a difficult road ahead going up against the growing behemoth of Google. Their proprietary approach and lack of support for non-Windows servers is going to be their Achilles heel. I LOVE the interoperability of CF and seeing enhanced support for the Mac community encourages me greatly.
    I’d really like to see an official press release from Adobe with some sort of indication on where they plan on taking ColdFusion. I hope the powers that be at Adobe truly appreciate the siginificance of what they have in CF and develop/market it accordingly.

  9. Rick Smith Avatar
    Rick Smith

    I still have to manually enter the mySQL 4.1 driver in the data sources… and mySQL 5.0 (with stored procedures, yay!) is due out soon.
    I really hope this is added in 7.0.2

  10. Andrew Avatar

    I have just installed the CFMX7(.0.1) updater to a Multiserver environment. It seems this has rolled back the JRun build version to a version prior to JRun Updater 6.
    Would it be unwise to re-do Updater 6?
    Also, I’m not clear on whether the 7.0.1 updater patches all server instances, or just the main CFusion server?
    Otherwise, it’s a big release – I’m excited.

  11. Mike McConnell Avatar
    Mike McConnell

    It’s good to see that Macromedia is so committed to its CF platform as the release of "merrimack" would suggest. On a somewhat related note, does anyone out there have any insight into what "scorpio" might bring us? Is it possible that we might see "COLDFUSION.NET"? It makes perfect sense to me to more closely integrate the best web application development environment available today with the most widely used OS. New Atlanta claims that dramatically improves database performance through integration with ADO.NET and I’m curious as to whether or not Macromedia will jump on (or over) that bandwagon.
    Thank You,
    M. McConnell

  12. Mathijs gaalman Avatar
    Mathijs gaalman

    "I was hoping to get RTF output from cfcontent"
    Is there any news/updates on this?

  13. CL Avatar

    Ben, can you provide any information on ColdFusion/JRUN support for IPv6? We in federal agencies are being required to do impact assessments on transition to IPv6 and I cannot locate any information for what kind of support exists in CF or JRun.
    Chris Lomvardias

  14. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

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