claims to be “the LARGEST job search portal in the world” (their words, not mine). Personally, this is not a site I have run into (but hey, I have not been out looking for a job), and so I can’t comment on that claim. But I can comment on the fact that this site is powered by ColdFusion. Thanks to Jason Fill for this one.

3 thoughts

  1. Is it me or has somebody tried to make that site as confusing as possible. There is way too much happening on the front page.
    Personally (in the UK) has got it right. It simple. It’s pretty much the only site I go to when looking for contracts.

  2. The largest Spanish job portal ( is also powered by CF.
    I worked with them for a year and looks now that they only want to keep CF on the presentation layer and J2EE for the rest.

  3. Nice site. However, is it me or does it seem that many of the large sites seem to use poor HTML? Amazon, MSN, Yahoo to name a few seem to break numerous rules when it comes to HTML. I know the pages still render in the browser, but have web developers forgotten their roots with good ‘ol HTML?

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