KoldCast – ColdFusion MX 7 Powered Blogging Software

KoldKast is ColdFusion MX 7 version powered blog software, and 2.0 is now available for download. The application takes advantage of CFMX7 functionality and features PDF/FlashPaper formatted printing, Flash Forms, comment anti-spam to reduce spam on your blog entries, unlimited polls and poll options, word filters to help eliminate unwanted words in your comments, ban filters, multiple blogs and admins, easily accessible CSS skinning via the design manager, and much more. A demo is online for you to play with.

13 responses to “KoldCast – ColdFusion MX 7 Powered Blogging Software”

  1. Sean Avatar

    Why pay when we have Ray?? 🙂

  2. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    How dare someone attempt to destroy my monopoly! I shall send in the lawyers at once!
    Seriously though – the print option looks very, very nice. I may add that right now.

  3. Rick Smith Avatar
    Rick Smith

    "How dare someone attempt to destroy my monopoly!"
    I still read your blog every day though. 🙂 Thanks for the compliments Ray. 🙂

  4. Jack London Avatar
    Jack London

    Ray’s blogcfc sucks! All of community tools with CF sucks. When you think is the best one is Ray, we can easily say that there is nobody who got community philosopy in CF community.
    Open Source rulez!

  5. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    Heh, don’t stop there. Galleon sucks! Soundings sucks! All the apps I give away for free sucks! 😉

  6. Rick Smith Avatar
    Rick Smith

    KoldKast v2.1 will feature a comment report link so inappropriate comments can be removed….

  7. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Jack, about the only thing I see sucking around here is your attitude, pal.
    Fact of the matter is that lots of blogs that gets lots of traffic use Ray’s blog code. Those blogs are used, read, and posted to … and that’s what blog code is suppose to do.
    Open source rulez? Ok, then start a CF open source project and build better apps! It’s that simple.

  8. Jack London Avatar
    Jack London

    Yes, they are using while there is no better one. While there is a "enterprise customer oriented" community in CF world and nobody cares public solutions such as in PHP world.
    I must inform that I am using CF since version 4 just because of my job. But community capacity of Allaire and than MM really sucks!
    Ah, I am now in open source projects in my private time but not for CF. I am one of the key person for a Linux distribition (Ubuntu) and KDE project and that is enough for me now. 🙂

  9. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    I agree that there are more open source PHP projects then there are CF ones. That doesn’t mean CF doesn’t have any. My apps aren’t the traditional open source models in that only I have can change the core code. But anyone can download and change the code. It is "open" for the downloader to change the apps as they see fit. That’s just my apps. There are other applications out there that are open. Again – I will agree that PHP has more open sourcr projects, but for you to say ALL CF open source projects suck just shows how ignorant you are.
    If you think my apps suck, thats fine. Tell me how they can be improved. I’m more than willing to listen to criticism and make improvements where I can. You know, I’m no saint, but I do the work on my own time for free. Maybe instead of bad mouthing my application, you can help me improve it.

  10. Jared Riley Avatar
    Jared Riley

    Keep up the good work! We all enjoy your apps, and you are a great asset to the CF community.

  11. David Herman Avatar
    David Herman

    Perhaps we should work on an Open Source Grammar Checker for ColdFusion
    "When you think is the best one is Ray, we can easily say that there is nobody who got community philosopy in CF community."

  12. kiriran Avatar

    looks like a nice blog software.
    about the open source thing in CF. in my opinion the bad os support for CF is simply because CF cost a lot and most ppl dont waste time for os projects and get work for money done. on the other hand php is os and everbody can do stuff there so more os projects.
    and about rays os stuff. i enjoy the blog and forum.

  13. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    I think cost is really a relative manner. For example, on a 100k project, a 1k CF (or 3.5 or whatever the high end costs) is trivial. Now, not all of us do 100k projects. However, you can find CF ISPs for _very_ affordable prices. PHP ISPs will be even cheaper, but to be honest, a client unwilling to pay 30 bucks a month is typically a client too small for me. (Now I sound all high and mighty, which isn’t what I intend.) Cost _does_ answer part of the reason why PHP has more open source apps out there though.

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