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Several of you have discovered that ColdFusion XMPP gateway Google Talk bots have stopped working (those that have logged out and tried to log in again). It seems that Google Talk began requiring SASL PLAIN auth, and this is not yet supported by our XMPP gateway implementation. We are working with SASL PLAIN and SASL [MD5 DIGEST], and will let you know as we have it ready.
I will still post that “how to build a bot” story I promised, but you’ll not be able to try it out until we get that patch out. Sorry. 🙁

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  1. Scott Stroz Avatar
    Scott Stroz

    Ben – why not just gear the tutorial towards using Jabber and then explain how to setup the config file for use in Google Talk?
    Some of the ideas I have been working on, including a Phone Directory, I run off of the Jabber server in my house. These can easily be run on Google Talk just by udating the config file, or creating a new gateway instance pointing to Google.

  2. Mark Holton Avatar
    Mark Holton

    Thanks, Ben! This is great.

  3. Giampaolo Bellavite Avatar
    Giampaolo Bellavite

    So, why is the bot in my google talk still active and running? It answers my questions too:
    20.37.51: are you ok?
    20.37.51: Invalid request! If you need help, type ‘help’.
    as you see 🙂

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Giampaolo, they changed authentication, but if you are already authenticated you’ll be ok until you next need to be authenticated. And the cfocs bot has not logged off since I brought it online last week. if it does get logged off, well, then it’ll be down until there is an XMPP gateway update.

  5. Ryan Guill Avatar
    Ryan Guill

    So what are we looking at for a fix here? Just another method to add to the component, or needing to update the java *stuff* that runs the gateway?

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Ryan, updated Java bits is what it looks like, an update to the Java XMPP gateway code.

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