CF Live Docs Bot Update

The bot is still connected to Google Talk (although if, or when, it disconnects it’ll not reconnect). In the meantime I have reimported the syntax for all CFML tags (it is much cleaner now), and have also added an AIM interface.
Here are the addresses:

  • AIM: cflivedocs
  • Google Talk:
  • Yahoo IM: cflivedocs

6 responses to “CF Live Docs Bot Update”

  1. Andy Jarrett Avatar
    Andy Jarrett

    I seem to be on the back of the bot wave by just looking and playing now but i gotta say they are very nice. I don’t know if this is the place but one cool feature would be to take a wild card on at least 1 or 2 characters. So if "*" is the wild card "ls*" would bring back a list of the LS functions?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Sure, I could add that, but I was thinking of just using a partial name. So if you type arrayappend or arrayappend() you get that function, but if you type array you get a list of array functions.

  3. Scott Stroz Avatar
    Scott Stroz

    Ben – Just curious, any idea when we might exepct an update to the gateway…weeks…months?

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Scott, yes. 😉

  5. Richard Hughes Avatar
    Richard Hughes

    I have a gateway setup for google. the commands metar, taf will give weather information at Islip Mac Arthur Airport by default. Type in metar KJFK or taf KJFK for Kennedy airport. I really wanted to be able to get the system working on AOL AIM. I have AIM on my cell. Is there any detailed information on the AIM setup?

  6. Bruce Avatar

    Richard – I searched Google and all I found were some AIM installation manuals. I’d suggest asking a expert.
    Bruce Byford

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