As soon as I mentioned the Google Talk CF Docs bot someone wanted to know if he could get to it using Yahoo IM.
Well, why not? Here’s what I did:

  • Installed Zion Software’s JBuddy-CF on my server
  • Registered a new Yahoo IM account
  • Created a gateway .cfg file for Yahoo IM
  • Defined a new gateway instance in CF Admin, pointing it to the exact same code used for the Google Talk bot

And that’s it! It worked first try!
So, Google Talk users can access the bot using and YIM users can use cflivedocs. Both execute the exact same CFC (although Yahoo IM seems to be much more responsive).
And that’s why we love ColdFusion so!

5 thoughts

  1. I’ve been very interested in the JBuddy-CF Plug-in, but the price has kept me away.
    I am using a jabber server with a Yahoo IM gateway to have my cfc interface with Yahoo IM.

  2. Ben – Be careful not to restart the cfdocs gateway.
    It seeems Google may have made some changes that are, somehow, not allowing CF to sign on.

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