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Last week I mentioned that Google Talk was XMPP based, and that you could therefore write a Google Talk IM bot using ColdFusion. Well, I’ve now done just that.
If you are a Google Talk user you can use to do instant CFML lookups (tags and functions for now). Just type in the element name and you’ll get a description, syntax, and a link to the relevant page on Livedocs. Should all be pretty self explanatory.
The data needs some cleaning up and reformatting, but it works, and I am already using it for quick syntax checks.
Let me know what you think.

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  1. Scott Stroz Avatar
    Scott Stroz

    Very nice!

  2. nielz Avatar

    I just love this kind of thing.
    Not only proving a point, but also creating a very useful resource!
    Great stuff

  3. Mark Holton Avatar
    Mark Holton

    "Long time listener, first time caller"… Ben, you are a guru. This is a great resource and I always appreciate your creative thoughts in helping understand advanced ColdFusion practices, and also encouraging thinking ‘out of the box’. Many thanks-

  4. O?uz Demirkap? Avatar
    O?uz Demirkap?


  5. Giampaolo Bellavite Avatar
    Giampaolo Bellavite

    Wonderful example, Ben! You are going to move a lot of ideas in the cf developers minds!

  6. Yves Arsenault Avatar
    Yves Arsenault

    This is pretty neat Ben.
    I like…

  7. Gus Avatar

    Very nice Ben.
    Be sure to check out my MXNA Chat Bot.
    Google Talk:
    AOL Aim: mxnabot
    Yahoo IM: mxnabot
    Read about it at

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Gus, is AIM working properly for you? I seem to keep getting dropped and the connection throttled.

  9. Mark Holton Avatar
    Mark Holton

    Any chance you guys will have time to release a "Hello World" how-to-article related to Google Chat bots + CF app? Any links to exsisting tutorials would be appreciated. The power in this, as demonstrated by Ben and Gus’s apps, is making my head spin. Many thanks for the inspiration-

  10. Gus Avatar

    AOL has worked well… up until a few hours ago!
    See the following for details:

  11. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Those are great links. In addition, I plan on writing up detailed step-by-step instructions this weekend.

  12. Dan G. Switzer, II Avatar
    Dan G. Switzer, II

    What would be an awesome upgrade for the bot would be to put in a version number after the command to get the information for that version. If you don’t specify a version, you could show the latest.
    That way you could do:
    cfmail 6.1
    cfmail 5
    cfmail 4.5
    To real quickly see the differences between versions. Just an idea.

  13. Dan G. Switzer, II Avatar
    Dan G. Switzer, II

    PS – There should be new lines between those cfmail commands:
    cfmail 6.1
    cfmail 5
    cfmail 4.5

  14. Harry Avatar

    This is great Ben….if only I knew how you did it!

  15. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Dan, good suggestion. Mining that data out of livedocs was not fun, but I’ll see if I can extract that too.
    Harry, stay tuned, I’ll be posting a detailed step-by-step how-to shortly.

  16. Bronson Grooms Avatar
    Bronson Grooms

    Would you be willing to send me an invite to G-Mail? I’d appreciate it! Thanks.

  17. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Sure, I have 100 of them now – one just sent.

  18. Luis Majano Avatar
    Luis Majano

    This is a great quick reference, beats searching google.

  19. Ricahrd Fong Avatar
    Ricahrd Fong

    Was just over at this afternoon’s presentation in the Twin Citites area…Thanks for the update on CFMX7. Just tried the GoogleTalk w/ CFDOCS — works great!
    Thanks again!

  20. barry.b Avatar

    sorry to be a pest Ben.
    " is offline and can’t receive messages right now."
    I haven’t had a chance to use it for the last 2 months but before that I gave it a good shake….
    is this just a temporary problem?
    thanx for the service anyhoo

  21. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    The connections usually reconnect if they get dropped, but every once in a while they need to be manually started.
    — Ben

  22. Doncho Pachikov Avatar
    Doncho Pachikov

    Hello, Google Talk folks,
    I am trying to open Unofficial Google Talk Users List at:
    I think it will be helpful for our List members to have Googla Talk bot to use. Can you help me to install it?
    Best regards,

  23. marco Avatar

    This is great!:) thx!

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