Last week I mentioned that Google Talk was XMPP based, and that you could therefore write a Google Talk IM bot using ColdFusion. Well, I’ve now done just that.
If you are a Google Talk user you can use to do instant CFML lookups (tags and functions for now). Just type in the element name and you’ll get a description, syntax, and a link to the relevant page on Livedocs. Should all be pretty self explanatory.
The data needs some cleaning up and reformatting, but it works, and I am already using it for quick syntax checks.
Let me know what you think.

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  1. I just love this kind of thing.
    Not only proving a point, but also creating a very useful resource!
    Great stuff

  2. "Long time listener, first time caller"… Ben, you are a guru. This is a great resource and I always appreciate your creative thoughts in helping understand advanced ColdFusion practices, and also encouraging thinking ‘out of the box’. Many thanks-

  3. Wonderful example, Ben! You are going to move a lot of ideas in the cf developers minds!

  4. Gus, is AIM working properly for you? I seem to keep getting dropped and the connection throttled.

  5. Any chance you guys will have time to release a "Hello World" how-to-article related to Google Chat bots + CF app? Any links to exsisting tutorials would be appreciated. The power in this, as demonstrated by Ben and Gus’s apps, is making my head spin. Many thanks for the inspiration-

  6. Those are great links. In addition, I plan on writing up detailed step-by-step instructions this weekend.

  7. Ben,
    What would be an awesome upgrade for the bot would be to put in a version number after the command to get the information for that version. If you don’t specify a version, you could show the latest.
    That way you could do:
    cfmail 6.1
    cfmail 5
    cfmail 4.5
    To real quickly see the differences between versions. Just an idea.

  8. PS – There should be new lines between those cfmail commands:
    cfmail 6.1
    cfmail 5
    cfmail 4.5

  9. Dan, good suggestion. Mining that data out of livedocs was not fun, but I’ll see if I can extract that too.
    Harry, stay tuned, I’ll be posting a detailed step-by-step how-to shortly.

  10. Ben:
    Was just over at this afternoon’s presentation in the Twin Citites area…Thanks for the update on CFMX7. Just tried the GoogleTalk w/ CFDOCS — works great!
    Thanks again!

  11. sorry to be a pest Ben.
    " is offline and can’t receive messages right now."
    I haven’t had a chance to use it for the last 2 months but before that I gave it a good shake….
    is this just a temporary problem?
    thanx for the service anyhoo

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