ColdFusion Reporting RTF Output

ColdFusion Reporting generates reports in PDF, Flash Paper, and Excel formats. The most requested additional format is RTF (for use with Microsoft Word primarily), and (if all goes according to plan) we hope to add support for RTF reports in the ColdFusion MX 7 updater (codenamed “Merrimack”).

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  1. Brandon Avatar

    Why not make an API available where developers could implement their own document outputs?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Definitely an option for the future, but not now, this is a minor update (lots of little bug fixes, additional platforms, and some new OEM bits primarily, not new features).

  3. Steve Walker Avatar
    Steve Walker

    Is there a projected date for the release of the updater?
    Can you explain why file upload for Flash Forms is not going to be included in the update and is going to be delayed until CF8 (per Mike Nimer)?

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Steve, we’d not be able to add that until the final Flash Player 8 is out, we could not add a feature to CF that only worked with a beta player.

  5. Damon Cooper Avatar
    Damon Cooper

    Ah…Ben’s just back from sabbatical…once he finds out everything else that’s in Merrimack, he’ll be much more excited I’m sure 🙂

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Want me to spill all of the beans at once, Damon? 😉

  7. Ulf Avatar

    Why only for Reporting. I think it would be great, if cfdocument could output RTF Text, that would be a great Feature for generating Print Content out of Web Based Content Mangement Systems…

  8. Fernando Trevisan Avatar
    Fernando Trevisan

    I like the RTF’s "printing habilities", like Ulf. I use it on a "open the RTF in a text editor and make it work" way, but it’s really a shoot in the head…

  9. Steve Walker Avatar
    Steve Walker

    Ben and Damon,
    Since neither of you gave away the date, am I safe to assume that it might be in conjunction with the release of Studio 8? If either of you feel compelled to spill the bean, I won’t tell 😉

  10. Daniel Shaw Avatar
    Daniel Shaw

    Finally. Thank you!

  11. tony petruzzi Avatar
    tony petruzzi

    Do you think that maybe there will be a fix for Flash Forms hanging?
    I would love to start using Flash Forms in production, but I can’t get over that most of the time the form will hang or never load. I can’t pinpoint why this happens.
    Thanks in advanced.

  12. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Ulf, I agree, but it won’t make it in this updater unfortunately. But look at the bright side, now we have something to work on next. 🙂
    Steve, it’ll be out ===CENSORED===CENSORED=== 2005.
    Tony, there are changes and fixes to Flash Forms planned, but I don’t think what you are seeing is normal. E-mail me directly on this one please.

  13. Nike Avatar

    Hello Ben
    I need your immediate help. I wanted to create a world documet in coldfusion4.5 that will query the data from database and put it in some place specified into the word document. Also I was thinking to create rtf document because our server does not have the word component installed.
    Please send me some useful link to get help.
    I will highly appreciate that.
    Thanks in advance

  14. Chris L Avatar
    Chris L

    You said "Steve, we’d not be able to add that until the final Flash Player 8 is out, we could not add a feature to CF that only worked with a beta player."
    Since Flash Player 8 is out, what’s the deal with not including file upload in Merrimack?

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