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  1. FYI, Google Talk uses XMPP (as does Jabber), and so it’ll be easy to create a ColdFusion event gateway to Google Talk.
    You would think. I have been trying all morning. According to CFAdmin, the Gateway is running, yet the ‘buddy’ does not appear as ‘online’

  2. I looked, but I didn’t see any Jabber plug-ins for Trillian Basic. Anyone know of one? I’m cheap, and I’m not a fan of GAIM.

  3. Ben,
    I have the XMPPgateway running and responding to a jabber.org account, very nice. Can we use the gateway to send pre-recorded audio messages to Google-talk and iChat, instead of returning text?

  4. Jerry,
    I have several gateways configured to use XMPP, however, I can’t seem to get it to work with Google Talk (and yes, I have set teh values for TSL)

  5. Paul, only the paid version supports the Jabber plug in.
    Jerry, I don’t think the XMPP gateway out of the box will do that. That would require some work to use the extensions that Google is using. But it should be doable.

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