Goodbye Comcast, Hello SBC Yahoo DSL

Comcast has been aggravating me endlessly. Service has been unavailable far too often, support can’t answer basic questions, the connection keeps going down … in fact the only thing that stays up is the price, and that has kept going up and up and up.
DSL wasn’t available way back when, which is why I ended up with Comcast in the first place. But it is available now, and this entry is being posted over my new connection. My tests are showing 2-2.5 Mbps download speed and .4 Mbps upload speed, not bad at all.
Installation wasn’t painless. I had to switch the modem from acting as a router to acting as a bridge, and the steps originally given to me omitted one crucial item which put the device into some strange state where it connected to the network but thought that it had not done so. The second technician had me reset the device and start over, this time going through all of the necessary configuration screens – and I am up and running. They should have gotten it right the first time, but still, that’s better support than what I’ve ever gotten from Comcast.
I now have a faster, and cheaper, connection. A great deal (assuming that the quality of service is better than that of Comcast).

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  1. Michael White Avatar
    Michael White

    I had the exact same experience with comcast and switched to SBC/Yahoo. again same experience switching from router mode bridge. at first the connection went down almost everyday until they had a guy come out to the house and fix it for good. no problems since.

  2. PaulC Avatar

    My main issue with Comcast wasn’t that they constantly had DNS issues, it was that the support folks didn’t know what a DNS was. Specifying a different set fixed everything.
    Still, I appluad any effort on your part to not give that worthless want-to-be monopoly any more business. $45/month for broadband is a rip off in this day and age.

  3. Kevin Avatar

    Bummer experience. I live in the Baltimore area and overall Comcast has been very good for me ( knock on wood ). Having had Cable service since 1994. That said I am saddened because where I live DSL is not a viable option.
    I am very far from the CO and thus the speeds are no good. I wish I had a choice. Though I would probably stay with Comcast, its would be nice to know I could switch. About the only thing that really is a bummer is the lousy 384K upload, ugh. Makes things just so difficult, when you combine telecommuting, audio streaming, VOIP, freelance client access and other stuff.
    Well good luck and I hope your experience improves.

  4. James White Avatar
    James White

    I too made the switch from Comcast to DSL. Even though Comcasts connection was a little faster, I found DSL to be a little more reliable. When Comcast’s connection goes down it doesn’t come back for days. When DSL goes down, it’s generally back in a couple of hours. IT just became a reliability issue for me after a while.

  5. Daniel Greenfeld Avatar
    Daniel Greenfeld

    We were on DSL for about three years. The DSL company switched hands several times, but all save the last one gave us an incredibly fast connection, and the service was excellent. The Earthlink bought the company.
    The connection was still fast, but went down periodically. And technical support sucked.
    Then one day our DSL stopped working. I was on the phone with Earthlink for about 1 week straight, as I was telecommuting at that time. They sent a guy out twice to check everything, and everything looked good. Finally, Earthlink told me the reason why my service stopped working.
    They had decided to stop doing DSL in our area. They hadn’t sent snail mail, just pushed an email to our Earthlink email accounts. Since we had never bothered to get an Earthlink mail account, we never got the message.
    Unfortunately, the only other provider of DSL in the area was Verizon. And before this problem I’ve learned from painful experience that doing business with Verizon was not the way to go. And Verizon users of DSL in our area were not happy. Comcast started offering cable internet at that time, so I made the switch.
    The connection isn’t as fast as my old DSL, and the upload speed bites. But at least I don’t have to worry about Comcast flaking out on me.

  6. K-sea Avatar

    Heck with DSL. Go with Cable and a VOIP phone and drop kick the phone company all the way to the bank.

  7. Jose Avatar
  8. Radio Avatar

    Just "my experience" …
    Had Comcast (SoCal) for a few years, never really had problems & people on the "tech" side seemed knowledgable/helpful (all of 2 times ever had to call in). Was above avg downloader / avg uploader gettin approx 2-2.5M down, 384ish up.
    Then kinda needed to save some $$$, decided I’d swith to SBC Yahoo DSL…crap I WANT TO GO BACK. Sure I pay a little less for less speed (~1.2M down), a stupid contract, and problems. For 6 months now (got 6 months of a contract to go ya know – woohoo) about every 2-3 weeks…DNS ISSUES! Call in — obviously I’m reaching somewhere halfway round the world & they read thier script each time "oh, there’s an outage in your area – should be back up w/in 4 hrs", don’t even try to ask any questions you’ll get the same script read back to ya.
    Anyway, can’t wait to get rid of this SBC DSL.

  9. adsl Avatar

    I had to switch the modem from acting as a router to acting as a bridge

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