CFEclipse 1.2 Released

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  1. Jason Avatar

    Anyone have any comments about CFEclipse? Pros, cons etc. Just looking for some experiences.

  2. Sam Curren Avatar
    Sam Curren

    I’ve been using for some of my projects. The code hints and autocompletion are great, and it runs much faster then Dreamweaver. It does require more maintenance then DW does, but isn’t too bad. The real reason that I don’t use it for all of my projects is really an Eclipse problem, not a CFEclipse problem. The Eclipse FTP functionality is limited at best, and I’ve only been able to make it work reliably for a few of my projects. It’s painful to install, and configuration is problematic. If the Eclipse FTP stuff got better, I’d loose DW entirely.

  3. O?uz Demirkap? Avatar
    O?uz Demirkap?

    I think you have not tried new Eclipse 3.1 for FTP support. It works like a charm.
    The only problem that we have with Eclipse is BOM support for new Unicode files. When we want to create a new Unicode template, there is no alternative to define BOM support in Eclipse platform like in DW.

  4. Sam Curren Avatar
    Sam Curren

    I actually have tried Eclipse 3.1, and had such trouble with it, particularly the FTP support, that I backed off to 3.0 in order to get some work done.
    If you know of a good resource that guides setup and maintenance of FTP support in 3.1, let me know.

  5. Kevin Avatar

    Right now IMO Eclipse 3.1 is just not there yet. Stick with 3.0. CFeclipse is well suited to CFC and backend development.
    Where you find CFEclipse is great in in combination with Subversion (version control system). the Eclipse plugin Subclipse an dCFEclipse work very well together. This gives you the ability to add comments very easily.
    I then also use Dreamweaver with WebDav (though no comment support 🙁 ) to also with the same SVN repos. this allows me to flip back and forth when I need to fiddle more visually with something (CSS handling is just easier in DW than the CSS plugins for Eclipse).
    As to FTP don’t use it. Though since SVN has script hooks you could write a batch that uses a command line FTP app to handle uploads. In my case I use the scripts to auto update our Dev webserver after commits.
    hope that helps

  6. Kevin Kazmierczak Avatar
    Kevin Kazmierczak

    Where can one submit a bug find for cfeclipse?
    I can’t seem to get the tag auto-close to work on the new 1.2 release.

  7. Greg Ostravich Avatar
    Greg Ostravich

    It sounds great and I blogged about it ( but two things I didn’t see that would be great.
    1) VSS plug-in compatibility. I use SourceSafe for our source-code control at work and the Plug-in I have works great for Java but not for ColdFusion. I didn’t see it on the VSS plug-in feature list either.
    2) Refactoring.
    One thing that’s really amazing in Eclipse is the automated refactoring capability. For the same reason you shouldn’t type things twice to avoid typographical errors (use cut & paste instead) you should use automated refactoring where you can to avoid errors.
    If anybody reading this knows something I don’t about VSS ability or refactoring and I didn’t see the menu option for it please let me know.

  8. Kevin Kazmierczak Avatar
    Kevin Kazmierczak
  9. Greg Ostravich Avatar
    Greg Ostravich

    My fault. I figured out what I was doing wrong.
    I use the same plug-in from Eclipse that Kevin mentioned but I didn’t share the project like I had under previous versions so that’s why I wasn’t seeing the SourceSafe options.
    So long story short – my bad. It works now.
    Thanks Kevin.
    Anybody know of any refactoring support coming up?

  10. Shaz Avatar

    I use Eclipse now 100% of the time. The new features in version 1.2 make it just that much better. Most people didn’t move to Eclipse because of FTP plugin support, but that’s mostly resolved now. Some people configure it incorrectly, but if you set it up right, no problems.

  11. O?uz Demirkap? Avatar
    O?uz Demirkap?

    … and we have a basic documentation about Eclipse and CFEclipse installation in Turkish.

  12. James White Avatar
    James White

    I recently started using CFEclipse for Eclipse 3.0 and liked it a lot. I think it is solid and provides great code completion functionality. CFEclipse does one thing that I particularly liked. It has a side bar that is called Outline. The Outline provides a general overview of your code (i.e. breaks your page up by the the CF tags you use on the page and it can expand and collapse code). This view will warn you that you have an error on the page by going completely blank. I have found this to be pretty accurate in terms of warning of an error. This feature reminds me of Netbeans and Eclipse warning you of Java errors as you write the code instead of having to run the code to find your errors. I wish Dreamweaver had similar functionality.
    With that said, I still think Dreamweaver MX is better for front end functionality, but CfEclipse is an excellent choice, especially if you can’t get a legal copy of Dreamweaver.

  13. James White Avatar
    James White

    I have noticed something funny about the CFEclipse 1.2 download. After I downloaded the upgraded version, I noticed that I lost certain functionality that I had in the previous version. For instance, the ability to automatically complete a tag (e.g. </cfoutput> popping up after the <cfoutput> tag is completed, no longer works. I also noticed that the attributes window for cf tags that was working no longer works either. I checked my settings and from what I see the options to do these things are selected. Has anyone else experienced either of these issues?

  14. Sam Curren Avatar
    Sam Curren

    I have experienced issues with the autocompletion using 1.2, and quickly reverted back to the previous version I had. I too could not find any settings that seemed to make it work again.

  15. James White Avatar
    James White

    To submit an issue you have to register with the CFEclipse site once you are registered you then are allowed to submit an issue. I have already submitted the autocompletion issue top the site.

  16. John2 Avatar

    any good tutorials about using eclipse? i installed it and then was lost 😐

  17. Tormod Avatar

    "Most people didn’t move to Eclipse because of FTP plugin support, but that’s mostly resolved now. Some people configure it incorrectly, but if you set it up right, no problems. "
    Hey, could you please say a little more about how you configure the plugin? The plugin is more or less unusable where I work, but we haven’t discovered how to configure it to perform better.. please email me at tormod @ inbusiness . no if you care to help us.

  18. Ajas Mohammed Avatar
    Ajas Mohammed

    I love eclipse and use cfeclipse plugin… but somehow not able to wordwrap the code?? has anyone seen this problem in eclipse??? is it a bug bcause i tried so much but didnt find this feature which is quite basic thing and u find it in editors like editplus…

  19. Nelle Avatar

    Does Eclipse support unicode at all ? I just cant find the option …

  20. Mike Avatar

    You can configure unicode when you click the right mouse button on your Project ("Properties"). Under "Info" select "UTF-8".

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