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  1. Does anybody know where you can download the stand-alone version of Macromedia Player 8, so we can push it out to our end users?

  2. Ben, have you had an opportunity to use DW 8 yet? I am wondering about the migration from MX04 to 8. I am concerned because we have a lot of integration with existing production and development sites as well as source code management repositories. It was _very_ painful just upgrading to MX 04 from MX. Has MM addressed any of these issues?

  3. And another thing: Are you now able to copy and paste from the reference materials under the Code panel?

  4. When will the trail be available for download? I just can’t wait to play around with the new CSS features and XHTML compatibility things!! 😀

  5. Did you know that Ben Forta is still using Homesite! what about dreamweaver 8 ben? does it look like homesite? are you going to start using it?

  6. All of the available details are on the product page I linked too. I cannot discuss specific features yet, but will in the future.
    Brian, the migration, for me, was painless.
    Steven, I use DW and HS (the former more than the latter).

  7. I am also waiting for flash-8 to play around it….. I just wanted to change the number of comments (more than 8) :))

  8. Ben, can you address whether or not 8 fixes the issue of connecting to datasources using https that is present in MX and MX2004?

  9. Just purchased MX and did not get the notice for the upgrade until after the order was sent..will there be a way to get 8 if you ordered within the last 30 days..Who would I contact if possible?

  10. Leo, if you didn’t get the package yet just refuse it. when they the package back they will cancel it. or call your credit card company that you received something you didn’t want:)

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