Treo 650 Firmware Update

There is an Treo 650 firmware update out for Cingular users (including former AT&T Wireless customers). The good news is that the update itself is a painless process, and all apps and settings were restored properly (all I lost were Bluetooth pairings, but the docs did warn that that would happen). The bad news is that my Treo has hung on me twice in the hour since I applied the update. 🙁

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  1. Nick Avatar

    That’s concerning, since the same thing happened to me with the update to my older Treo 600 (Orange/UK). If I could, I would uninstall it, but I can’t find any way to reverse it. It was a very stable machine until the update, now it reboots after syncing with my PC and at other times during normal use. I guess it reboots by itself about twice a week! Maybe, they’ll update the updater for the 650 and make it all better, fingers crossed.

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