We regularly comment on ColdFusion use within the US federal government. But ColdFusion is also used by governments agencies and organizations at all levels, including state and local. Here is an example of ColdFusion use in each and every one of the 50 states:

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  1. The DOT / HR job site listed here represents a tiny tip of the iceberg for CF applications in Oregon state government. We recently wrote a CF application whose sole purpose is to keep track of other CF applications…and that’s just at ODOT.

  2. Is it me or do all government websites’ look like crap. Regardless of the tech. you use on the back side… These sites look like crap! Message to government. You need 1 developer and 1 graphics artist minimum. . .

  3. All of these sites are informational websites that adhere to Section 508 guidelines and various priority levels issued by the WCAG. Its important to understand that most informational websites aren’t the greatest looking sites on the web because they don’t need to be (e.g. Slashdot, CraigsList, gov websites). People visit these sites strictly for information, not to be wowed by cool multimedia/graphics. This is not to say that gov sites shouldn’t use implement cool mmd/graphics – its just not a top priority.

  4. http://www.ircso.com (Indian River County Sheriff’s Office) in Florida.
    k-sea. I couldn’t agree with you more. But to be honest, I feel a good 90%, if not more, of the websites online today are abhorrently ugly.
    And that’s in major part due to the fact that "webmaster" is a "hobbyist’s" title. Everyone with an ISP who gives them 10MB of space and a free copy of Frontpage2000 thinks they are a web developer.
    They have no idea that it is a PROFESSION; requiring a PROFESSIONAL. It’s not to say a developer and designer cannot be the same person, but quality work takes quality talent.

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