Flash Players! Get Your Fresh Pre-Release Flash 8 Player!

The public beta for the next generation Flash player, Flash Player 8, is now open. Be sure to read the FQA before downloading.

5 responses to “Flash Players! Get Your Fresh Pre-Release Flash 8 Player!”

  1. Asden Avatar

    I know this beta release is designed to test legacy Flash content but are there any public examples of Flash 8 content (bitmap caching) that are available on the web for viewing?

  2. Gagarin Avatar

    russkie vebmastera dadut piztuley vsem mestnim pidorasam. linux foreva ibatstso !

  3. Gagarin Avatar

    a flash eto gandonskaia ficha, i uzaut ee toka dalbaebi !

  4. TeddybearMX Avatar

    A file upload example (or a link to) would be great now that it’s possible in FP8.

  5. Anand Avatar

    hi this Anand.Y from hyderabad (INDIA) i want to add a blog how to do that plz anyone can tell me that… i want to write Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Designer Exam and plz did anyone saved sample questions plz mail me.. .thankz in advance

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