phpBB is one of the most popular forums and thread discussion applications out there, and cfopenBB is a open source initiative with a goal of porting phpBB to ColdFusion. Some preliminary coding has begun, and cfopenBB is asking for those in the ColdFusion community who are interested in participating in the development of this new project to sign up at the cfopenBB web site.

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  1. I’d like to know: is this the phpBB team deciding to port to CF, or is it some CF coders deciding to make a port of phpBB?

  2. No this is not a phpBB initiative, but a CF coder who really likes their product but wants to have it in CF. The beauty of open source and GPL.

  3. I hope they don’t plan to do a direct code port. Since phpBB internal code structure sucks so bad. No wonder they have security issues every few weeks.

  4. Yeah, that was my concern – that it’s going to simply be a direct copy.
    If it’s more a case of using phpBB as a guide then it might be interesting…

  5. Fellas, cfopenBB would not be a "direct copy" of phpBB. That would be nearly impossible because of the coding differences and differences in coding styles. We would use their file names/directory structure as a guide to help address any future releases they have. Their "look" would be almost identical. Hope this helps!

  6. Well I’m still not entirely convinced, but I’m going to put my positive/optimism hat on and go offer to help. 🙂

  7. Very cool! I wish someone would do the same thing with vBulletin, now that’s a bulletin board!

  8. Agreed, vBullitin would be a MASSIVE project that would be probably one of the most impressive CF BBs on the net. Thats one heck of a bullitin already, to do a CF version, id go for that any day.

  9. Looks as though this project is dead… all links go nowhere. I guess it wa sa nice thought. 🙂

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