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  1. And "only in America" – ColdFusion is only used in America in case you did not realise… Not even downunder in Australia…

  2. Hey, I’ve been working with Will on this project… we’ve gone thru proper channels to verify that the use of terms and so on are OK, even to the point of clearing individual designs with Macromedia before having the shirts printed.
    I’ll be at CFUnited starting tonight at about 9, and if you’re interested, just track me down. I’ll be the guy in the Code for the Masses tshirt! 😉
    Incidentally we’ve got at least a half-dozen other designs — some in CFScript, some in tags, some sloganny — that we’ll be producing as the shirts sell and we are able to afford them.
    So look me up or email me or Will:

  3. Hey guys! We’ve gotten a great response on the shirts. I just overnighted a limited number to CFUNITED, so if you’d like one just check with Jared. Oh, and since there won’t be any shipping involved, the price is $12 at the event! 🙂

  4. LOL…Will, is that you in the "model" pics on the site?
    I like the pouty supermodel look. Very entertaining!

  5. They were on sale at the Denowitz’s suite, however, they just sold the last one… Time to buy it from the website!

  6. huh, well, I’m sittin’ here at the ‘internet cafe’ (I guess it’s a cafe cuz I brought my cappucino), and it looks like they got a bunch more.

  7. The Interakt folks at CFUnited had some pretty clever CF shirts. Any chance those are available anywhere???

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