Found A Culprit, The Treo Browser

Well, I’ve discovered one cause for Treo rebooting. The application in use during most reboots is Blazer, the included web browser. In fact, I have gotten the device to reboot almost on demand by doing nothing more than turning on the device, firing up the browser, and filling in an HTML form. Has anyone had any experiance with alternate Palm web browsers?

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  1. Daniel Roberts Avatar
    Daniel Roberts

    I was about to suggest the Opera Mobile Browser but just checked and they don’t have a Palm version.

  2. Jeremy Fuksa Avatar
    Jeremy Fuksa

    My Treo 300 reboots or gets Fatal Exception errors all the time… most notably when I’m not around to dismiss a missed call dialog box or an appointment alarm.
    I was looking at getting a 650 to remedy this problem, but sound like it’s pretty crashy as well? Hmm… might be looking at the Audiovox PPC-6600 as a replacement phone.

  3. Blaine Avatar

    My new Treo 600 only reboots if I try and use a certain third party MSN app, but I’ve also never filled out an HTML form with Blazer before…I’ll give it a try and see if I can make mine crash…
    As far as the Audiovox goes, I looked at it, but it didn’t seem to be a good phone for me… It would’ve been a great PDA with a phone, but I need a phone with PDA functionality…
    Depends on what you want from it…

  4. Nolan Avatar

    Which model Treo are you using? I’m considering buying one myself, but I’ve heard there is trouble with the early models and the 600 is much better, though it’s all coming in via rumours from people. So I’m curious as to what you’re using.

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Nolan, I am using a 650.

  6. Roger Benningfield Avatar
    Roger Benningfield

    Ben: The only problems I’ve had with Blazer on my 650 are related to huge pages… once the download count gets ~400kb or so, Blazer gets sluggish. In fact, virtually every belch my Treo has had can be traced back to me trying store something huge in main memory.

  7. Christian Cantrell Avatar
    Christian Cantrell

    Mine reboots whenever I try to use VersaMail. And the other day, it reset ALL my preferences, including button mappings, sound preferences, etc. I’m not impressed with my Treo so far. I miss my Sidekick.

  8. Roger Benningfield Avatar
    Roger Benningfield

    Christian: Are you running the latest ROM update? It may not be related, but my Treo has the version Palm released last week, and I’m just not seeing the rampant reboots you and Ben are talking about.

  9. Jason Avatar

    The browser on the Treo 650 has been much more stable for me than the 600. The key with Blazer on the 600 is to NEVER touch the screen … only use the rockers and directional pad to maneuver, even when filling in forms. Yes, it’s a bit of an art to master, but scrolling a page by touching the screen is 99% sure to crash the phone. 650 is better, but not rock solid … I think the big system patch they released earlier this spring does help.

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