London CFUG Report

I spoke to the UKCFUG in London this evening. Al Manning was up first, he discussed a ColdFusion/Flex application, and using ColdFusion as a Flex backend. And then I introduced ColdFusion MX 7 event gateways; what they are, why they are needed, their architecture and internals, gateway classes and instances, and demoing various gateway types. A crowd of about 100 were in attendance, and lots of good Q&A throughout (and thankfully the venue was air-conditioned!).

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  1. Nkosi Avatar

    Yes it was very interesting. Good to see examples in action. Ben, will you be publishing the presentation ? If you have already done so where can I/we find it?

  2. Piers Chandler Avatar
    Piers Chandler

    Thanks for the presentation Ben it was very interesting, the slides would be great if you could put them up. I asked about UK providers of SMSC and as suspected they where a little hard to track down so here’s a head start for anyone else after one.

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