I’m in tiny Luxembourg airport awaiting my flight to London. I flew in this morning to spend the afternoon with ColdFusion users at the European Commission. The EC was an early ColdFusion customer from back in the Allaire days, and remains one of the largest ColdFusion shops in the world. One group mentioned 30 instances of ColdFusion on 15 servers running 500 distinct applications (made up of over 100,000 CF files). And that’s just one group. The group (local and in Brussels via vidconf link) was highly technical, very knowledgable, and lots of fun to chat with.
I’d write more but this Treo keyboard was not designed for big hands. L8r.

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  1. 500 distinct applications? I bet around 350 of them are concerned with the French farming industry. (Oops, did I say that out loud?)

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