One Verity K2 Server, Multiple ColdFusion Servers

ColdFusion MX 7 ships with a new version of Verity K2 Enterprise server which is (now) used for all ColdFusion Verity processing. Verity K2 is a server itself, and ColdFusion is a client application which connects to K2 so as to perform searching, indexing, etc.
The ColdFusion Administrator’s Verity K2 Server screen allows you to specify the name of the host running the K2 server to be used as well as optional ports and alias names. The seems to imply that ColdFusion can connect to a remote K2 server, perhaps to allow multiple boxes running ColdFusion to all share the same single remote K2 server.
Unfortunately, this is prohibited under the license granted by Verity. Multiple instances of ColdFusion running on a single server can indeed all connect to and use a single local K2 server, one Verity K2 server responding to requests from multiple ColdFusion servers (instances) on the same server. However, in order to access Verity K2 on a different box you will need to purchase a Verity license directly from Verity.

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  1. Rob Brooks-Bilson Avatar
    Rob Brooks-Bilson

    Big Bummer. I was really hoping that with CFMX 7, it woas going to be possible to specify one separate server to run Verity K2, then have all of my CF servers point to that one box for searching. I was also hoping that we would be ablwe to combine the licenses from multiple CF server licenses to up the number of documents that can eb searched from a single CF server, but I knew that one wasn’t going to be.

  2. Gus Avatar

    There’s always Lucene! No problem connecting from multiple servers there!

  3. Tom Avatar

    Maybe it’s time to send Verity on it’s way for the next version of CF. I spent a lot of time trying to get Verity to work on a server that CF wasn’t installed on. Including a call to Support (at which point I had to educate my SE on the subject) because the Live Docs seem to indicate that Verity can indeed run on a server separate from ColdFusion.

  4. Erki Esken Avatar
    Erki Esken

    This LiveDocs page…
    …seems to indicate that you can install Verity K2 server on a different machine. So is K2 on separate server accessed by one or many CF instances on another server allowed or not? Your post seems to indicate it’s not, documentation says otherwise.
    Also is there more detailed info on the exact license of Verity in CF? Because CF 3rd party license page does not say anything useful about Verity:

  5. John2 Avatar

    surly you dont need to connect to multiple servers etc, if you point the verity files to a shared network folder accessible by all servers, such as on the file server, all the servers have the same verity index and you dont need to worry.

  6. Steve House Avatar
    Steve House

    John… The idea of the seperate-server install is not only to have multiple CF instances and CF servers use the same verity collection, but also to allow Verity to run on its own box instead of competing for resources with ColdFusion.

  7. John2 Avatar

    having said what I said – this doesnt work,
    how do you have several servers returning the same results ? using file sharing does not work

  8. Rob Brooks-Bilson Avatar
    Rob Brooks-Bilson

    I use a single network share (NAS) for all of my verity searches across my cluster.

  9. johnb Avatar

    how are you setup with verity, do you have multiple servers accessing the same verity collections? I’m in a hole of how best to approach it, it seems you can’t have two servers mapped to the same collection and multiple boxes accessing the same K2 server is in breach of the license….even though I can’t see it anywhere in the license!

  10. rogerr Avatar

    Okay, I’m a little late chiming in, but I also am facing this problem — using Verity to index a big pile of pdfs stored on a NAS box via a share. Rob, do you have CF/Verity intalled on the NAS?

  11. Rob Brooks-Bilson Avatar
    Rob Brooks-Bilson

    I have the Verity collection residing on a NAS drive, with each server in the cluster pointing to the single collection.

  12. Rick Troiani Avatar
    Rick Troiani

    Ok, Has anyone tried to connect to a Normal Verity K2 Server (not the one that ships with CF) with CF7? I have boxes all over running 5 and 6 and they can all see the K2 Server, but so far have tried on 7 different MX7 Servers, and none can see the true Verity box. All the help articles I’ve read focus only on the K2 that ships with CF. Is this functionality now broken?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Seairth Jacobs Avatar
    Seairth Jacobs

    As this is the closest I have come to a conversation involving Verity and its licensing, I have a somewhat related question:
    Is it possible to set up two (or more) CF7 instances (same server) such that they each reference a verity collection with the same name, but are not actually the same collections? The use case here is that we have a development server with multiple instances, two (dev and staging) for each of our production servers. I realize that we could code something to use different collection names on the development and staging servers, but that is not really ideal. I am guessing that the "single IP" restriction in the Verity license is the reason I can’t do this, but I’d be happy to be shown otherwise…

  14. Richard C Avatar
    Richard C

    It seems that you cant use network shares with coldfusion 7, you can create 1 fine, but if you try to create another verity and point to the same space – it bums out and doesnt create the verity collection,
    I have created seperate verity collections for each server – which is by no means ideal as I have to index 3 times and people are getting different results…..
    am I missing something here?

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