I have a Dell PowerVault 705n at home, I use it as a network storage device and as a backup device. But recently I upgraded my primary server to Windows 2003, only to discover that while it could see the NAS it could not reliably read or write files, and the NAS could not authenticate against the Windows 2003 managed domain. Apparently the problem is that SnapOS 3.x predates Windows 2003, I need SnapOS 4.
Ah, but Dell no longer supports the Snap OEM PowerVaults and so no SnapOS 4.
The solution? Tell the PowerVault that it is no longer an OEM device, here’s what you need to do:
1) Go to the device’s debug screen at http://{nas}/config/debug (using your own nas name or IP address of course, you’ll be prompted for a login).
2) You’ll then be prompted for debug commands, enter “bios unlock”.
3) Now that the device is unlocked, enter command “bios oem none”.
4) And then relock the device using “bios lock”.
That’s it, the device will no longer accept Dell updates and software and will only accept Snap branded updates and software.
Now to get the SnapOS 4 update.

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  1. HEy there,
    I tried this and get and error when trying to do the OS update. I am updatiung from SnapOS 3 to 4. Any idea os why I am having this problem.

  2. What error? I am still trying to get my copy of SnapOS 4, so have yet to try it yet. Where did you get yours?

  3. I have a Dell 705N. I also tried this. I was able to change OEM to Quantum. Pretty cool. Can I change it back?
    I was somehow able to register my Dell 705N with Adaptec and was able to download the newest version 4 software (ver 4.0.860). But when I try to apply it it gives me the error.
    Problem: Invaild SUP file for given platform. Try selecting another SUP file and repeating the operation.

  4. Jonathan, I called their sales and complained for a while, and they offered it to me (without the usually included support package) for about half the price. However, the power supply seems to have died on my unit, so have not ordered it yet, need to get that fixed first. šŸ™

  5. Did you have any luck getting SnapOS 4? My 705N crashed and is not recoverable. I’d like to go ahead and update it to a Snap 4100 with OS 4 so it would work better wih my Windows Server 2003.
    J. R.

  6. Got the latest update from Adaptec and unlock the bios. Was able to upload the java update and serverextension app for server sync, but the actual OS 4 update would not take. It might be that the dell version was just not designed to take the full OS update. Maybe a smaller amount of space in the bios? Either way this powervault is useless to me in a Windows2003 environment.

  7. You may have resolved this already. Adaptec has informed me that the SnapOS_4_0_860_upg.exe available on their site is not a full version. It will only upgrade from version 4.0.x to 4.0.860.

  8. yeah I came to that same conclusion later on after I installed their server management module for another Snap Appliance I have. Adaptec is very cryptic with their support and whether ‘registered users’ are entitled to updates to their hardware. They have support options where you buy services to maintain software and hardware support and it seems to run upwards to the sum of $599 and up to $5,000. Just to be compatible with a 2003 domain. I have a 4100 series and 4400 series Snap and both use different OSes. Not only is the 4100 now useless to me without version 4, but the 4400 is going down the same path too. Maybe one of these days Adaptec will respond to my support email request and help. Either way, it makes it clear that I’ll never buy from them again! /rant

  9. Got a 12000 with 80GB drives running 3.4.803. Removed all drives and inserted one 400GB drive – it showed up as 128GB.
    Does anybody know if upgrading to SnapOS 4 will install a kernel that accepts bigger drives or does it need additional a firmware upgrade?
    Also, why do I see only Snap Servers with 3TB (12 x 250GB) and not 4.8TB?

  10. Starting with 3.4.805 it supports larger drives than 137GB. This also happened to be the last "FREE" download from Adaptec before they turned to Piracy. You’ll need to get this version or even better is the latest V4.x which I understand supports even larger volumes.

  11. I have a Dell 705N
    What are people’s experiences on Disks
    What are the biggest i can put in there?

  12. I am using a SNAP 4100 and I have upgraded to the latest 4 OS. However, for the life of me I cannot get the domain to recognize the file shares via network browser or command line. Anyone have any ideas because Adaptec sucks.
    I am running a 2003 domain. I can still use the web browser but that does me no good with the end users.

  13. someone must have kept copies of their 705n OS 4.0 and ver 4.0.860 instalation files somewhere?
    i dont much like the idea of discarding a very useful device. if they could be so kind as to accidently drop them into a my mailbox (ilter@bigpond.net.au)

  14. I am searching for the SnapOS 4.0.860 Full Install. I also do not like the idea of discarding a very useful device. If someone could be so kind as to accidentally drop them into my mailbox (chrisb009@hotmail.com) I would be greatly appreciative!

  15. Hi,
    I too have a dead snapserver 1100, well 2 of them. Both had the power plugs pulled out at the same time, which caused the crash. I have just paid ƂĀ£1000 for another 2 replacements only to find they have added a power cord-retaining clip. Well Adaptec have just admitted fault by adding this clip.
    We lost 2 years research when they both went down at the same time, and yes they were on a UPS.
    Adaptec should post the OS upgrades on the net for free, if only to stop them from being taken to court.
    If anybody does have a img file or upgrade please let me know where to download it from.
    Adaptec don’t know the meaning of Customer Service.
    PS the new ones are being sent back for a refund, can’t risk another Adapcrap failure.

  16. I am looking for a copy of SnapOS 4.0.860 to upgrade an older system for NFS Version 3. Can someone email me a copy or send me a link? It is greatly appreciated.

  17. Thanks for the download!!!
    Anyone else having problem with Snap not seeing 2003 domain names? Any help would be appreciated!

  18. I have the same problem can’t download it anywhare, the SnapOS 4.0.860 Full Install only the upgrade, and it would not work…. please help me…
    Thanx šŸ™‚

  19. You guys just backup to MOZY for 5 bucks a month… you pay that in electricity to just keep your NAS running!

  20. I am now having the same issue – Need th v4 full install too. A torrent or link would be great as the above mentioned link no longer works.
    Much appreciated – Plz Email me SubGyeti@gmail.com

  21. No OS4 in w2k3?
    You can still use non-domain (workgroup) sharing by setting up local users with same un/pw as domain users.
    Still can be used as ftp server for file storage.
    Can be used as webserver.
    Not useless, don’t give up.

  22. No luck finding the Upgrade file (full) to OS4…
    Still anyone who would be so kind to send it to me, or send me a link where I can get it?

  23. All Snap os.
    grab the files you need
    for ver 3.x get 3.4.803 and the 3.4.807 update
    for 4.x get 4.0.830 and the 4.860 update from adaptec or the internet
    for help go to procooling web site snapos forum (google it!)

  24. I have a Dell PowerVault 705N that i was able to unOEM with the process listed previously in this log. I think applied SnapOS Version 3.4.805 to the machine, but I cannot find a snapOS Version 4.0.830 upgrade anyhwew. Ihave contacted the folks at Overland Storage and I am unhappy with the fact that they want to sell me a piece of software for a machine that is currently end of life for them. Does anyone know where to procure a SnapOS SUP for snapOS 4.0.830 or 4.0.855?

  25. you might try clicking on the link above you!! it would have taken you to the ftp site where the files are.
    # Posted By Dee | 11/4/08 4:17 AM (has link to ftp web site of snap files)

  26. I have a snap 2200 both dirves are dead, I’m looking for a drive image from any snapServer 1x and up. the first 25mb of data on a working drive so i can init my new disks Thnaks

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