ColdFusion MX 7 Preparatory Exam Online

Last week I mentioned that my new Macromedia ColdFusion MX7 Certified Developer Study Guide was shipping. As with all of the Study Guides, this book has an accompanying preparatory exam that can be used to gauge exam readiness (or just for fun, kind of). That exam is now online and can be accessed via the book page.

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  1. Tyrone Avatar

    Ben, when ca we expect to see the book on the shelves of our local book stores…. or at least available at amazon

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Amazon has been last to ship lately, but it is shipping, and some readers have it already. Best bet may be to order it from Peach directly

  3. Mike Avatar

    Has the actual exam delivered by VUE already been updated to include CF 7 content? i.e. if I sat the exam tomorrow is it CFMX6.1 or CFMX7?
    (Thanks for the great guides BTW!)

  4. Jeff Coughlin Avatar
    Jeff Coughlin

    One of the questions appears to have the wrong answer applied. I don’t want to give the correct answer here (wouldn’t be fair to others :), but the question is:
    Which are valid <cfpop> actions? (select 3)
    The three correct answers are available to be chosen, but when I completed the test it said that one of my selections was incorrect (when in fact it appears the test has one of the wrong answers applied).

    I was also confused by the question "Which of the following are valid scheduler intervals? (select 2)" where I felt that all four answers were valid. Am I misunderstanding the question?
    Also the numeric values (answers "b" and "c") would be helpful if they had descriptors next to them (like minutes or days).

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Mike, yes, i believe that the exam has now been updated.
    Jeff, good catch on #1 fixed, as for #2 the exam is indeed correct.

  6. z3r0eff3ct (Matt) Avatar
    z3r0eff3ct (Matt)

    Ben, actually he is right on number 2. You never said what are the valid scheduler intervals in the administrator, you just asked generally. And your scheduler intervals can be as low as 1 minute.
    The correct question would be, what are the interval options in the administrator.
    Some of these questions are confusing.

  7. Tjarko Avatar

    You got 26 out of 30 right scoring 87%.
    Which of the following <cffunction> arguments is required?:
    Uh.. that’s not true… the question is "arguments" not attributes…?? or am I missing something?

  8. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Tjarko, good one. I can’t believe the tech editor missed that one too. Oh well, not terrible as *no* arguments are required so it must mean attributes. Still, I’ve corrected it. Thanks.

  9. Tjarko Avatar

    Actually the correct answer was listed.. it was "which arguments.. bla bla??" 🙂 But you can also change the question.. that’s probably easier.
    What did I win.. what did I win??? I’m going for the refrigarator!!!

  10. z3r0eff3ct (Matt) Avatar
    z3r0eff3ct (Matt)

    Ben, I don’t understand in this question, how the COOKIE answer is wrong:
    Which variable types can be shared among clustered servers?:
    -J2EE Session variables
    -Client variables
    A cookie can be shared, I don’t understand. It will depend on your cookie domain settings.

  11. Malcolm Avatar

    I ordered the book through Amazon and they are telling me it won’t be shipping till somewhere around August 6, 2005
    🙁 but just in time for me to start reviewing the content 🙂

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