Macromedia And Eclipse

This morning Macromedia announced that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation. The announcement referred to Zorn, the code name for an Eclipse based tool for building Flex powered applications.
Eclipse is also of interest to parts of the ColdFusion community, and CFEclipse has a growing following. I should mention that we’re actively investigating various ways of helping the CF community take advantage of Eclipse. There’s no more information to offer at this stage, but we are on top of this one, and I’ll share whatever I can as soon as I can do so.

3 responses to “Macromedia And Eclipse”

  1. amused Avatar

    Given the price of Flex, where is the value in providing an open-source editor?

  2. robi Avatar

    Eclipse is quickly becoming one of the most popular IDE’s period. Since its open source developers can create plugin’s for it to offer extended functionality. Many people create commercial plugins and some create open source. Because it is open source and very popular MM can easily make a Flex plugin (IBM made one) and provide people who already use Eclipse as their IDE Flex integration. Of course you can already work with Flex XML in Eclipse using XML buddy and such (see I am personally happy to see this in that my company is seeing allot of hard core java shops adopt Flex and they want to use something like Eclipse.

  3. Oliver Merk Avatar
    Oliver Merk

    Maybe this is the opportunity to give CF coders a replacement for CF Studio; a fast text editor with proper CFMX step-through debugging, etc.
    While many of us have made the transition to Dreamweaver, a more code-centric tool would be welcome, especially if it had Macromedia’s endorsement.

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