Missing Breezos Republished

Several of you wrote to tell me that several Breezos originally created for ColdFusion MX were no longer available, it seems that these got lost during Breeze server migration.
I’ve reposted them, and here are the new links:

4 responses to “Missing Breezos Republished”

  1. Lawrence Mak Avatar
    Lawrence Mak

    Dear Mr. Forta,
    A bit off topic, but can you also fix the links to your other articles? I was trying to access your articles on WAP, but the links were broken.
    Thank you for your help.

  2. Simon Avatar

    Is there a list of breeze presentations for coldfusion for instance? It would be nice to be to see the presentations for ColdFusion, Flash, Flex etc.

  3. Matt Wegrzyn Avatar
    Matt Wegrzyn

    I was going to ask the same. Is there a full list of Coldfusion breeze presentations?

  4. G Hamer Avatar
    G Hamer

    Breeze Login? Selecting the Breeze links, I am being prompted for login/password. I attempted my Breeze account but received "Invalid user or password. Try again!"
    Can you arrange for these links to be public. That is no login/password required?
    Thanks again Ben for all of the resources and support that you provide the CF community.

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