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  1. Too funny Ben! Just as I was checking the book on Amazon you tell me it’s shipping now. Awesome. It is not only a great book to study from but also a great reference book as it gets right to the point.

  2. Ben, is there a lot of info that has changed from the previous book (MX 6 version) for the test? I am currently reading MX 7 WACK book and was wondering if MX 6 cert guide will miss new points in version 7 for test.

  3. Alfio, the test changed, stuff was added (not a lot removed). Basically the topics new to CFMX7 (Flash Forms, printing and reporting, gateways, etc.).

  4. Hi Ben,
    amazon.com says it ships on the 6th of june which has now passed and it still says that its not yet released.
    we placed an order today at work and it said it is estimated to ship early august
    I’m hopeing Amazon’s system is just a little behind and they have shelves loaded with the book lol.

  5. I ordered the book on Amazon quite a while ago and it still isn’t shipping. Any idea as to when the book is going to ship?

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