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  1. Sorry, but that site is not CF, however you can tell everyone it is, and maybe someone will believe you. You can also try a PR blitz proving it always was CF, (since 1948).

  2. Hello from the holy city of London (about an hour from the holy city of Brighton).
    Hey Aral!!! Lol

  3. Free Plasticine for everyone is a basic human right declared by UN resolution 1234! I’m not going to rest until Plasticine is free at every art store!
    Except for the rabbits. Rabbits don’t deserve Plasticine. That is, of course, until they produce a CF page stating their side of things.

  4. Daniel, by "free Palestine" I assume you meant "stop sending kids under 18 to blow themselves to bits". Right?

  5. Pete, Daniel, those are very one sided views …
    As for breaking down walls, I don’t think so. The fact of the matter is that where there are walls there have been far fewer terrorist attacks. Just compare any period to that of the year before. The wall is working. If the US had the ability to create such a wall you’d better believe they’d do the same.

  6. Way to go Ben. I will take my kids to our homeland one day too. For now its ‘Next year in Jerusalem’… And Daniel got it backwards – it should be ‘Free Israel’ (from the scourge of Arab terror).

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