Dave Gruber To Keynote At Spring <br>

I attended the first two Spring
events in Athens, OH in the past, and was impressed with both. The events were well attended, professionally run by Dave Hannum and his crew, and I was honored to keynote at both. Unfortunately, I have a scheduling conflict and won’t make it this year. But Dave Gruber, ColdFusion Product Manager, will be there, as will Macromedians John Cumming and Ed Sullivan, and lots of other marquee names in the Macromedia universe. Details are at the SEOMUG site.

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  1. noname Avatar

    "Macromedia universe" – universe – heh! I like it!

  2. bjwilkins Avatar

    Cool! I graduated from Ohio University which is in Athens (or should I say Athens is in Ohio University). I didn’t realize there were Macromedia Users Group there. When I graduated, I don’t think there was a Macromedia (or Allaire for that matter).

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