Treo Day One And Two: Mixed Results

First the pros: The UI is pretty slick and has some nice touches (like the callback option on missed calls, the one-touch dial buttons, and the very configurable dialer screen), lighted keyboard is very useful, screen is bright and clear, the embedded apps are pretty good too.
Now for the cons: The device hung on my three times today (did not have Bluetooth enabled so that was not it, twice it was when I hit backspace to edit a field, the other was when I tried to switch incoming calls), I have had quite a few dropped calls (I don’t know if it is the device or coverage in Portland, I’ll try it again in San Francisco tomorrow), it is way too easy to hang up on someone by mistake (by touching the screen), battery life seems rather poor.
Oh, what the heck is the side button for? It seems to do almost nothing! Also, the side control (used to turn volume up and down) should really also work for scrolling up and down through lists (like contacts and calendars). That’s a duh one.
So, the verdict thus far is definitely mixed, although hanging is just plain unacceptable. Has anyone else had this issue?

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  1. Steve Rittler Avatar
    Steve Rittler

    Yep. I’ve found if i do a reboot (pull off the cover & hit the reset button) every 3-4 days, life is good.
    I know i’m dreaming, but having the Flash Player on this device would be flat out awesome. Would sure keep me from having to develop in some much more ugly development environments for this device!

  2. mike chambers Avatar
    mike chambers

    Ive had my Treo for 4 hours now, and it has already hung twice. Had to remove the battery to get it working again.

  3. Calvin Ward Avatar
    Calvin Ward

    I typically don’t have that kind of issue, or at least in any kind of frequency, I’ve had mine for several months.
    I do agree that the touchscreen can be pretty sensitive as well though. Good idea on the volumn rocker too.
    The side button brought up Real Player on mine when I just tested it and I was able to enjoy some Santana….

  4. Matt Avatar

    I believe there is a software update. I have the Sprint version of the 650, and after applying the software update the device was significantly more stable.

  5. Chris Charlton Avatar
    Chris Charlton

    I heard there is a way to disable the touchscreen during phone calls, just need to dig a little in the menus I bet.

  6. Drew Chaney Avatar
    Drew Chaney

    Grab that Accidental breakage Agreement! The other day my Treo 600 fell off the desk and cracked the lcd screen. $180 to fix and no phone for 5 days. Both Palm One and Sprint PCS have the option to purchase the insurance. Next time I will.

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